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Things are finally sparking between Sonic and Samus after months of fighting side by side and having adventures together but a sinister plan is in the works with their arch-enemies, and things are about to get real. Welcome to the next level.

Involved Characters[]


  • Sonic the Hedgehog 
  • Samus Aran
  • Miles Tails Prower
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Metal Sonic 4.0 
  • Amy Rose


  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Omega E-123
  • Lyc the Wolf


  • Dr Eggman 
  • Mecha Sonic 2.0
  • Dark Samus
  • Omega-Ridley
  • Vergil
  • M.Bison


  • Juri

Fastest thing alive[]

A blue blur sped through Green Grasses. Sonic was running through Green Hill Zone. He Triangle jumped between rows of rocky Spires; ran across a wooden Bridge, Wall jumped up to a higher elevation, sped along the grassy hills, and ran through a Loop-de-Loop. He grinded along a Rail before bouncing off of a Spring and landing on a Hill on the other side of a Lake. He walked up the Path to a Workshop. When he reached the Door he knocked three times. After a slight pause, Tails opened the Door. "Hi, Sonic. Come on in." Tails greeted. Sonic smiled. "Thanks buddy." Sonic replied. He walked into the Workshop.

"I see you got a Couple of Emeralds." Sonic noted. The Green, and Blue Emeralds were resting on a Table. "Metal found them yesterday." Informed Tails. Metal Sonic 4.0 pulled himself out from under the Tornado MK.III. He put a Wrench back in a Workbox. "Been anywhere Nice?" Metal asked, his Green Eyes looking at Sonic. Sonic grinned and gave a Thumbs up. "When ain't i?" Sonic chuckled. Metal chuckled in response. "Good to see you buddy." Metal spoke. Sonic nodded. The trio went over to the Lounge. Sonic sat down on an Arm Chair, his Legs dangling over the Side. Tails sat on the Couch and Metal sat down on the End.

"How have you two been anyway?" Questioned Sonic. He took a bite out of a Chili Dog. "Oh i've just been tinkering with a few new Gadgets... Tech stuff really." Tails informed. "And i've been out looking for some Emeralds... When i wasn't, i gave Tails a hand with his Work." Followed up Metal. "Sounds like a Normal day... I've had a Normal Day aswell, without Egghead that is." Sonic responded. "Wow... The Doctor must be Sick or Somethin'." Metal chuckled. "Or he's working on Death Rays, hypno beams, or Evil Robots." Tails suggested. "With giant Claws." Metal followed up. "That will feed him Ham... Evil Ham!" Sonic countered. They all laughed.

Doctor's Appointment[]

Deep within the Base of Dr Eggman, the man himself was indeed working an Evil Robot. He was singing along to the Song E.G.G.M.A.N. as he worked upon his creation. "I am the Eggman, with the Master Plan, i am the Eggman, i have the Master Plan..." He was cut off by the sound of an Explosion. The Vibrations caused him too fall over and land Face first. Another Explosion; this Time the Door to the Room was blasted off of it's Hinges, it crashed into the Radio and the Music stopped.

Eggman stood up, and glared into the Smoke from the Explosion. Omega-Ridley's Head burst through the Smoke; and the Space Pirate roared in the Doctor's Face, making him fall backwards with Fear. Dark Samus walked past Ridley and up to Eggman. She grabbed him by the Coller of his Jacket and threw him into his Seat. The Chair spun around; before Dark Samus stopped it. She placed her Hand onto the Wall next to Eggman's Head and pointed her Arm Cannon straight at his Face. She chuckled. "Wha... What... Do you want?" Eggman stuttered. "The Deacon has an offer for you." Dark Samus answered. "I... I already told you... I don't work with such an extremist." Eggman replied. Ridley sniggered. "But it will benifit you so well..." Dark Samus chuckled. Eggman was about to object, when Dark Samus charged her Arm Cannon. "You get the oppurtunity to finally crush Sonic... Or you could Die." Dark Samus spoke. Eggman gulped.

Unexpected meeting[]

The Sun was setting; giving a golden glow to the calm waters. There was a trancing Silence about. Sonic was running through a deep Forest, on his way home. He had a Blue Guitar strapped around him, he had brought it from the Workshop. He decided to take a right turn and stop off at the Lake. He came to a halt at the Water's edge. He sat down and placed the Guitar next to him. He looked out into the Sunset. He had seen many beautiful sights in his life, but even to this Day he was still mesmarised by a simple Sunset. He remembered being in a similear spot after defeating Tabuu in Subspace. He remembered being besides many Heroes...

He felt as if a familear presence was close by. His Spines were tingling. He looked over to his Right. In a Treebranch; Samus was sat, looking out in to the Sunset. She hadn't noticed him. Sonic pondered why she was here... She didn't seem the type too enjoy such a Trivial thing. Sonic decided not to go and bother her; instead he would sit there playing the Guitar, he would leave the rest to Samus, if she wanted Company she would come over. Sonic started too play a soft tune... It was a calming tune, that complimented the calming view. Sonic started too hum to himself. Then began a soft singing that wasn't loud like most. "In his World... Where one is all... In his World... Where life is short..." Sonic sang. He heard a couple of footsteps behind. He grinned, knowing he had gained attention, he let the Grin fade and turned to face the person behind him.

He saw Samus standing a few feet behind him. She had that same old, plain, expression. Sonic stopped playing. "Hi there Samus." Sonic greeted. "Hi..." Samus replied. "Come to see the View?" Sonic inquired. "Yeah... I didn't expect to see you here." Samus responded. "I came to see the view, like you... Take a Seat." Sonic chuckled. Samus sat down next to Sonic. She didn't make Eye contact. "So... How's your Parents, Sonic?" Samus inquired. Sonic knew this was a sensitive topic, so he thought of a Good way too structure his response. "Well... Mom and Dad are doing well. They got the old House in tip-top shape again. Everything's going well... I'd like too Thank you again... For bringing them back." Sonic answered. "It was the least i could do... You needed them..." Samus responded.

There was an awkward Silence between the two. "Do you know what Day it is Sonic?" Asked Samus. Sonic looked puzzled. "Um... a Tuesday... Right?" Replied Sonic. Samus let out a small Smile that soon disappeared. "It's the Anniversary of the Day of my Parents' Death." Samus stated. "I... I... I didn't know." Sonic stuttered. "I never expected you too." Samus replied. "Samus... What you did for me... Can i do for you? I could use Chaos Control too..." Sonic was cut off by Samus. "No. I have realised something during my Time... The Death of my Parents... It is something that was... Required... By fate. Without their Sacrifice, i would never of been there to defend my Galaxy... My People." Explained Samus. Sonic nodded.

They sat there for a few Minutes; stareing into the Sunset, before Sonic broke the Silence. "Would you like me too escort you to your Ship?" Sonic inquired. "Sure... I'd enjoy the Company." Samus answered. Sonic smiled and stood up. He picked up his Guitar and then offered Samus a Hand. He helped her up, and after the two walked off.

Expect the unexpected[]

By the Time the Duo had arrived at Samus' Ship, many dark Clouds had assembled. Thunder boomed out as very heavy Rain began too fall. "Come inside... This Rain is too heavy... You can't be expected to go Home in this." Samus noted. "No, no, i'd be intruding." Sonic stated. "Atleast until it calms down a bit." Samus continued. "Hum... Very well then." Sonic sighed. The lift extended out and the two walked onto it. They were lifted inside the Ship.

Samus got a Towel for her Hair, and another for Sonic's Quills. "See what i mean... We were only out there for a Minute or so." Samus spoke as she dried her Hair. "Yeah... I've never seen Rain this Heavy." Sonic responded. They finished drying themselves and put the Towels in a Metal Basket. "Take a Seat on the Couch." Suggested Samus. "Well i may aswell... Seeing as i may be here a while... Sorry for the Intrusion." Sonic replied as he sat down. "Oh don't be ridiculous... I'd enjoy the Company." Samus spoke. She sat down on the Couch aswell. "I never expected such a Fighter Ship to be so... Luxary." Noted Sonic. "Thanks... I decorated everything myself." Samus informed. "You did a great Job." Sonic complimented. "Much appreciated... May aswell see what's on TV." Suggested Samus.

A Holographic Screen appeared before them. Samus went through many different Channels but none could get a Signal. "What a bummer..." Sonic noted. The Holograms disappeared. "It must be the Weather..." Sighed Samus. There was an awkward silence. "I'd like to Thank you, for being the Compassionate Hedgehog you are... I never really thought i'd spend a Day like this with a... Friend." Samus spoke. Sonic smiled. "Thanks." Sonic replied. "How do you do it? Be so Cheery and upbeat all the Time?" Samus asked. "Well... The way i see it, Life is gonna try too keep you down, and the only weakness it has is being happy. So i just throw Anger, Sadness, and Hatred all away. Just Smile is what i say." Sonic informed. Samus smiled. "See? Like i said before... Just smile." Sonic chuckled. "Yeah... I guess you're right." Samus replied, in a happier tone.

Sonic smiled. "Yep. You just gotta..." Sonic was cut off by a Kiss to the Lips. He looked extremely shocked by this and was frozen in place. Samus looked at the shocked Hedgehog. "What's a matter? Just Smile..." Samus spoke. She kissed him again, a longer Kiss this time. "Samus... I don't know what too say..." Sonic muttured. "You don't have too say anything." Samus smiled. She kissed him again, this time wrapping her Arms around him. Sonic fell backwards as Samus kissed him, he didn't know how to respond, he couldn't respond. "You confuse me, Hedgehog." Samus spoke as she placed her Hand on his Chest. "I confuse you!?" Sonic questioned. He was the one confused. "You make me feel these Emotions i've never felt before... Emotions i never wanted to feel. A part of me Hates you for that, but the Rest... Is crying out for you." Samus explained. "I do that alot." Sonic chuckled. Samus smiled. She kissed him again. Her Kisses were passionate alright, but they were also filled with fury. "Promise me... You won't leave... Tonight." Samus spoke, mid-kiss. "You... Have my Word." Sonic replied. He placed his Arms around her, and began to kiss her back. They were entertwined together, exchanging Passionate Kisses.

The Morning[]

Sonic lay asleep on a King sized bed; wrapped in an Orange Quilt. He shuffeled a bit as the sounds of Birds singing could be heard. Slowly he opened his Eyes.

(Sonic's P.O.V)

As i opened my Eyes i could see the Ceiling of the Room. It was a shiny Chrome Metal, this caught me off guard at first... I had thought i was in my Apartment, i was wrong. The memories of the previous Night came flooding back. I felt a soft weight across my Chest and to my Left. I looked over... Samus lay there; fast asleep, her Arm firmly around me. She had a soft Smile upon her Face. I wasn't really sure how to react, so i just layed there and let the memories run through my Head. I actually had a slight grin upon my Face. I looked to the End of the Bed. My Gloves were resting there, along with Samus' Zero Suit. I looked to my Right; my Shoes, her Wrist Bracelets, and her Jet Heels were beside the Bed. I felt her shuffle about.

(Normal P.O.V)

Samus snuggled closer to Sonic, who just layed there. After a moment, she began to stir from Slumber. As she opened her Eyes; she quickly looked Sonic over, he had a plain, calm, look upon his Face. Samus remembered the previous Night before smiling at Sonic. "Sleep well?" Samus inquired. Sonic smiled and chuckled nervously. "Hehe... Great..." Sonic replied. Samus moved over so that she was on top of the Hedgehog.

(Sonic's P.O.V)

'Eyes up, Eyes up Sonic, maintain Eye contact, Eye contact, Eye contact dammit!' I thought to myself.

(Normal P.O.V)

"So... Hehe... Um..." Sonic struggled to think of something to say. "I never expected the Brave, Courageus, Sonic too be stuck for Words." Teased Samus. "Well i... Um... I... I never thought that... I was... Your type." Sonic replied. "Hum. I never thought that either, But i guess we find things as we go along. Now i know why they call you the fastest thing alive." Samus mused. "Hehe... Yeah." Sonic mused, feeling awkward. "So, is there anything you need?" Samus asked. "No, no... I'm perfectly fine... I... Uh, actually have to meet Shadow at the Westopolis Downtown Diner." Sonic informed. "Oh... Ok. You will pop in later though, right?" Samus questioned. Sonic didn't want to make her feel bad. "Of course." Sonic smiled. Samus smiled back. "Well... Go on then. Shadow may be wondering where you are." Samus replied. Sonic nodded.

Samus got off of Sonic. Then Sonic got out of Bed and put on his Socks and Shoes, doing up the Buckle. He grabbed his Gloves and slipped them on. "Sonic..." Spoke Samus. Sonic turned around. Samus pulled him closer and gave him a Kiss. "See you later." Samus said. Sonic smiled and nodded. "See you later." Sonic spoke. He left the Ship.

The Shadster[]

Sonic sped down the Streets of Westopolis, he stopped at a Diner. He walked through the Doors. Shadow was sitting at a Table to his Left, taking a sip of his Coke. Shadow noticed Sonic and nodded. Sonic walked over and took a seat on the opposite side of the Table.

"You're 5 Minutes late. Sleep in again?" Shadow chuckled. "Hehe... Uh... Yeah... I, um, slept in." Sonic answered. Shadow gave him a quizical look. "Really? You seem like you're hiding something." Shadow noted. Sonic sighed. "I can't hide the Truth... Especially from Mr. Government Agent... I... I... I spent the Night with Samus." Sonic informed. Sonic looked at Shadow. He had a wide eyed expression. A grin grew upon his face. "You speedy Son of a Gun... THE Samus? Samus? Samus Aran?" Shadow chuckled. "Don't blurt that out." Sonic snapped. "What the hell kind of trick did you pull? This sort of thing is impossible." Rebuffed Shadow. "I didn't use any tricks. I was just myself that's all." Sonic countered. "Impossible." Shadow stated. "Seriously, i was just myself. She invited me into her Ship, asked how i was always so upbeat, then she kissed me... Shortly after we were in Bed, the rest is... Oh you know." Sonic shrugged. "Sonic, you had 'Private' Time with Samus freaking Aran, you are more Manly than me right now. Good Job." Shadow complimented. "Dude, it's no biggie... I honestly had no intention of such a thing." Sonic stated. "So... Do you plan on taking her on a Date?" Shadow chuckled. "Well... She did ask to see me later." Sonic replied. "Sonic... Epic. Freaking. Win." Shadow grinned. Sonic nodded and grinned.

After Sonic had finished his Chili Dog and his Coke, the duo exited the Diner. They walked down the Streets. "You know that this is a Huge win." Shadow spoke. "I guess. But it was the Anniversary of her Parent's Death... She had a moment of Weakness... She doesn't want a guy like me." Sonic sighed. "Sonic. Bro talk time. You didn't make any sort of move, Samus kicked it off, and she wants to see you again. This is Samus Aran we're talking about. She wants you." Shadow responded. "Hum... I'm still not sure." Sonic mumbled. "Look. You and her have saved eachother many times. She brought your Parents back from the Dead to save you from a Coma. She is in to you." Shadow sighed. "I guess you're right." Sonic replied. "Of course i am. Now come on, let's go for a Race." Grinned Shadow. Sonic grinned and nodded.

Keeping a Promise[]

About 3 Hours later Sonic arrived outside Samus' Ship. He smiled and walked forward. The Lift descended and Sonic got on. The Lift raised up and Sonic found himself inside the Ship. He looked around. He could see Samus ironing some Clothes. Samus wasn't in her Power Suit or Zero Suit, instead she was wearing a Red T-Shirt with Yellow Shorts. 

"I knew you'd be back... You were actually quicker than i thought." Samus spoke. "Well. I aim to impress." Sonic shrugged; with a smile. "How was the Guy time?" Samus questioned. "Oh it was Fun. Had a Meal, had a Talk, had a Race... Stuff me and Shads would always get up to. How about you? How did you occupy your Time?" Replied Sonic. "Oh... I had Breakfest, took a walk, went to talk with Rouge." Samus answered. "Really?" Sonic asked. "Yeah... I just needed some... How would others put this... Girl Talk." Samus smiled. Sonic was intrigued. "Sounds interesting... Anyway, i was thinking... Well in all honestly, Shadow told me... Would you... Like to go somewhere? Some time?" Sonic spoke as he twiddled his Thumbs. Samus smiled. "I'm so glad you asked. I thought i may have had to do everything. I'd love too." Samus responded. "Cool." Sonic smiled.

Samus turned off the Iron and sat down next to Sonic. "So. Got any ideas where to go?" She asked. "I realise you'd prefer something Quite and... Romantic. So... How about we go for a Meal and then a walk?" Sonic inquired. "Sounds good... I like it." Samus replied. "Good to hear... I didn't think i'd get it right, first go." Sonic smiled. Samus kissed him. "You're smarter than you think." Samus chuckled. They kissed again; they were there for a good Minute or so. "Well... I'll go freshen up." Sonic grinned. "I know you'll be fast." Samus grinned. Sonic winked. "You bet." He smiled. He exited the Ship.

The big date[]

Sonic was in his Apartment; brushing his Teeth, then applying some Old Spice, before proceeding to eat a Mint to freshen his Breath. He had recently had a Shower aswell. He put on his Socks, Shoes and Gloves before walking out of his Apartment. He locked the Door and then ran off at super speeds. Within 2 Minutes he arrived at Samus' Ship. He went inside. Samus was waiting for him. "Well... You clean up well." Samus smiled. "Why thank you. You're rather dashing yourself." Sonic replied. Samus chuckled. "Well let's get moving." Samus suggested. Sonic nodded. Samus put on her Jet Heels and an Orange Jacket. They exited the Ship.

A short while later they were walking through Westopolis Park, both eating Chili Dogs. "Hum... I see why you have a taste for such things." Noted Samus after swallowing a bite. "It was actually my Uncle Chuck that got me into them. He had a special family Recipe... I'll have to show you some Day." Sonic responded. Samus smiled and nodded. They continued to walk along. "So Samus, i remember my Guitar caught your attention... Do you play any instruments?" Inquired Sonic. "Well... I must admit, i'm a fan of the Cello... But that's probably too antique." Samus answered. "On the contary, i find the Cello too be a lovely instrument. I would love hear you play some time." Sonic smiled. "Oh... I... Well i don't really play often... Duty calls you see." Samus chuckled. "Indeed i do... Shame that not everyone gets the Freedom i do... I think everyone would be happier if they did." Sonic answered. "Yes. That is a nice thought." Replied Samus.

They continued along, talking about many things and learning more about eachother. Unaware they were that Glowing Red Eyes were scanning them from the Dark Bushes. Something had been watching them the entire Time. They were completely oblivious to the Spy.

A Hour later they were in the Forest again. Sonic was carrying Samus; she had her Arms wrapped around him, her Head resting against his Shoulder. The Light was shining through the Leaves above as Sonic was in a steady Jog. "I've had a Nice time." Samus smiled. "Me too." Sonic chuckled. Suddenly Sonic made a Right turn. "Sonic?" Samus questioned.

They arrived at a Small Lake; a Grassy Island in the Middle, with a lone Tree. It was blooming. Samus was mesmarised by the Beauty of the area. Sonic put her down. "I've never seen so many Flowers before..." Samus stated. Sonic stood there with a Smile on his Face. "You must see some pretty cool places too." Sonic smirked. "I do... But i never have the Time to bask in their Beauty." Samus answered. "Sounds like a real bummer." Sonic spoke. Samus nodded. They sat at the Edge of the Lake, with Samus resting her Head on Sonic. "This place is amazing." Samus spoke. "Yeah... I like to come here often... It's one of those... Me... Places." Stated Sonic. "I can see why." Samus smiled. The Birds were singing. Sonic smiled. Samus leaned towards his Face and gave him a Kiss. Sonic kissed her back. "Perfect..." Sighed Samus. She kissed him again and Sonic fell backwards as the two embraced; locking Lips and exchanging Kisses. "Do you want to go to my Ship?" Samus asked. "I'd like that." Sonic replied. He stood up and picked Samus up. The two kissed again before Sonic set off.


Mecha Sonic 2.0 flew through the Skies before diving down into a Mountain. Doors made to look like Boulders opened and Mecha flew straight through. He flew through the Long Metallic Hallways before stopping straight outside a Doorway. The Doors opened up and he walked inside. Eggman was waiting for him.

"Well... What did you discover?" Inquired Eggman. Mecha walked over to a Computer and placed his Hand on a Scanner. Recordings were being uploaded to the Computer. After they finished uploading, the screen flicked on to show Westopolis Park. The Video showed Sonic and Samus walking along and talking to eachother. Then it forwarded ahead to the Lake. The Video showed Sonic and Samus admiring the view before kissing. The Video ended.

Eggman stood there dumbstruck. He snapped out of it. "Well... I... Shall use this to my advantage. Good, good. I know a vital weakness." Eggman spoke; a sly grin upon his Face. Omega-Ridley poked his Head in the Room. "Good... Two for one... I'm going to enjoy this." Ridley hissed. Eggman nodded and agreed.

The Call[]

Sonic and Samus layed in Bed; the Quilt covering all but their Heads, kissing with chuckles and giggles, when a sudden jingle sounded out. They looked confused before Sonic realised he was getting a Phone Call. Sonic let out a sigh. "Sorry... I gotta answer." Sonic sighed. He reached into Hammer-Space and pulled out a Blue Phone with Red stripes. He pressed the answer button.

"Hello?" Sonic spoke; a small hint of anger in his Voice. "Sonic, i could do with some Help buddy. These pests are attacking my Island are trying to take my Emerald!" Knuckles informed; sounds of Punches and yells accompanying his Voice. Sonic sighed. "I'll be right there..." Sonic stated. "Thanks buddy. Means alot. Sorry if i called at a Bad Time. Congrats by the way... Shadow told me." Knuckles chuckled. Sonic's Eyes twitched. "Shadow did what!?" Sonic snapped. "Whoops... Gotta go." Knuckles spoke. The Call ended.

Sonic sighed. "What is it?" Samus inquired. "Knuckles needs my help on Angel Island." Sonic informed. "Oh..." Samus replied. She sighed. "I'm real sorry. But i'll be back as soon as possible." Sonic responded. "Ok... Be fast." Samus smiled. Sonic nodded. "Duty calls, hey?" Sonic chuckled. Samus rolled her Eyes with a Smile. They kissed; with Sonic nearly forgeting he had a Job too do. "Gotta go." Sonic remembered. He put on his Clothes and left.

Dark Angel on Angel Island[]

Sonic pulled out the Cyan Chaos Emerald as he ran through the Countryside. He held it tightly. "Chaos Control!" Sonic shouted. In a bright flash he disappeared. He reappeared in a flash of light on Angel Island; near the Master Emerald Alter. He looked to his Right...

A Space Pirate came charging at him. He jumped out of the way before performing a Homing Attack. It went flying. "Hehe..." Sonic sniggered. Knuckles appeared next to him. "Good to see you made it... Did i call at a Bad Time?" Knuckles spoke. "Yes Knuckles..." Sighed Sonic. "Sorry." Knuckles replied; knowing what he meant. Sonic nodded.

More Space Pirates surrounded them. Sonic & Knuckles dodged out of the way of Laser Fire and unleashed a barrage of Attacks. Knuckles punched and Spindashed those that went after him. While Sonic Homing Attacked, Spindashed, and Light-Speed Attacked those that tried to get him. The Space Pirates went flying with each blow. The duo were unstoppable. Space Pirate screams sounded out during the Combat.

When they thought they had the upper hand; Dark Samus appeared behind the duo. She blasted Sonic & Knuckles into a wall. Sonic & Knuckles stumbled out of the Rubble. Dark Samus stood before them. "You again..." Sonic groand. "Miss me?" Dark Samus chuckled. "No. No i did not." Sonic rebuffed. "Aww... I feel Sad." Dark Samus mocked. "Good for you, now stay away from my Emerald." Knuckles interjected. "Hum... Knuckle, right? Or was it Fist?" Dark Samus mocked. "Knuckles." Growled Knuckles. "Whatever you say." Dark Samus rebuffed. They were about to fight.

Suddenly; the sound of a Radio tuning in could be heard, Dark Samus sighed. "Hello?" Dark Samus inquired. "This is Eggman. Return to the Base ASAP... I have discovered the Weakness of TWO of our Foes." Eggman informed; only Dark Samus could hear him. "Grr... Fine." Dark Samus replied. "Maybe some other Time." Dark Samus chuckled. She flew off and the Space Pirates; that had survived, retreated. Sonic & Knuckles looked at eachother and shrugged.


Sonic arrived back at the Ship. It was dark now; and the stars were out. Sonic entered the Ship and walked into the Bedroom. Samus was fast asleep. Sonic smiled. He layed down on the Bed next to Samus. 

(Sonic's P.O.V)

As i lay there i began to think to myself... How peaceful she looked; sleeping there, with a Smile. Hehe... How ironic. Such a dangerous Woman looked like she wouldn't harm a fly. I placed my Arm over her and began to stroke her Hair. Even with my Gloves on i could tell how soft her Hair was. I felt my Phone vibrate; i had a Text. I checked my Phone with my free hand. "Nice Work... From Shadow." It read. I looked out of the Window. Shadow was there; looking in, with a giant Grin while giving two thumbs up. I know what Hand Gesture i'd like to give him. I mouthed the words "Go away now." to him. He looked like he was chuckling. "Don't make me come out there" i mouthed. I felt Samus shuffle. Shadow ran off at Lightspeed... He has wits i'll give him that. I saw Samus put her Arm around me and i smiled; she was still asleep. I felt sleepy and so i snuggled up to her and closed my Eyes. 

(Normal P.O.V)

As soon as Sonic fell to sleep, Samus' Eyes flicked open. "I'll deal with Shadow in the Morning." She chuckled to herself. She closed her Eyes and went back to Sleep... Poor Shadow.

Good Morning, Good Morning[]

(Sonic's P.O.V)

I awoke to th Singing of Birds and the Light of the Sun. I looked to my Left... Samus wasn't there. A curious look developed upon my face. I then realised i had fallen to Sleep in my Clothes... Jeez. That's not desirable. Oh well. I got up and stretched... That was a very nice Bed. I looked around the Room. Everything was normal, well as normal as a Bedroom in a Space Ship can be anyway. I walked out of the Room. Samus wasn't in the Main area either. Where could she be? Hum... She might just be out getting some Air. I took a Seat on the Couch and twiddled my Thumbs. I looked at the Clock. "10:38." I read. Hum. I looked around... Like i said before, she has decorated the Ship well. I looked over to a Wall. It had a Framed Photo on it. I got up and walked over to it. It was off Samus and a... Metroid? Was it the Baby? It had too be. looked like the Baby really did feel attached to her... It was nudging against her Shoulder... Samus appeared to have a hint of a Smile. Poor Samus...

(Normal P.O.V)

There was the sound of a lift activating. Sonic turned around. Samus was raised up into the Ship. She was in her Power Suit. Sonic smiled. "Been anywhere nice?" Sonic inquired. Samus deactivated her Power Suit and smiled. "Oh no where that interesting." Samus replied. "In your Power Suit?" Sonic chuckled. "Oh... Well you never know what may be out there." Samus responded. "True, true." Smiled Sonic. "Can i get you anything for Breakfest?" Samus asked as she sat down on the Couch. "I feel like i should be cooking you breakfest." Sonic chuckled. Samus chuckled. "Oh Sonic... How about we both cook?" Samus spoke. "Sounds good." Sonic smiled as he gave a Thumbs up.

Club Rouge[]

About 3 Hours later Sonic and Samus arrived outside Club Rouge. Samus was wearing her Red T-Shirt and Yellow Shorts again. Sonic was the same as ever. Sonic pressed the call button on the Pad next to the Doors. "Yo, Rouge. It's me, Sonic, and Samus is here too. Can we come in?" Sonic spoke. There was a Beep. "Come right on in." Rouge replied. The Doors unclicked and the two walked inside.

They walked up to the Door of the Flat. Sonic knocked. Lyc opened the Door. "Hey up Lyc. How's Aela?" Sonic smiled. "Hi Sonic. Aela's good. I'm actually on my way to see her." Lyc grinned. "Good to hear. Stay cool." Sonic replied. "Will do. Sonic, Samus, i bid you goodbye." Lyc chuckled as he walked out. Sonic and Samus nodded. The duo entered the Flat.

Omega was sat on the Couch, watching TV. Rouge was sat in an Armchair, drinking some Juice from a Glass. Rouge put the drink down and got up to great the duo. "Good to see you both." Rouge smiled. Sonic and Samus smiled back. "Good to see you too." Sonic grinned. "Where might Shadow be? Is he out for a Run." Inquired Samus. "Actually... Shadow is in a Bath... His 3rd one so far. When he was out for a Run earlier some Blue Paint fell on him... He was mobbed by a bunch of People, thinking he was Sonic. They wanted Autographs." Rouge explained. "Wow... People should really be more careful with where they put stuff." Samus sympathised.

(Samus' P.O.V)

Hehehe... It worked. That'll teach him. Nobody even suspects a thing either! Perfect! I'll have to thank Dante for that Paint and String later.

(Normal P.O.V)

"They wouldn't stop touching me! I was man-handled by a 4 Year Old! Thank God i have Chaos Control!" Shadow shouted out from the Bathroom. "I know Shadow..." Moand Rouge. They sat down. Sonic and Samus sat next to eachother while Rouge sat in the Armchair. "How are you, Omega?" Sonic inquired. Omega turned to look at him. "I am fine. All Systems fully operational. Thank you for your concern. May i get you and Samus a Beverage?" Omega replied. "A Chaos Cola would be nice. Thanks." Sonic informed. "A Glass of Orange Juice would be nice. Thank you." Samus followed up. "Affirmitive." Omega spoke. He stood up and walked into the Kitchin.


An Hour or so later. Sonic and Samus were walking down the Street. "It was good to see the others." Spoke Samus. "It was." Agreed Sonic. They smiled at eachother as they walked. It was rather tranquil. "Sonniku!" Shouted a familear, frightening to Sonic, Voice. Sonic gulped. Amy jumped at Sonic and began too hug him. "There you are, Sonniku! I knew i'd find you." Amy squeeled. Sonic waved his Arms and Legs frantically and tried too shake her off. "You won't get rid of me that easily." Amy giggled. Samus picked Amy up by the back of her Dress and they looked eachother in the Face. "No... But i will." Samus growls. "What's it to you, Blondie!?" Amy growled back. Amy's Hammer appeared in her Hand. "Sonic is MY Boyfriend. Back off." Snapped Samus. "SONIC!?" Amy exclaimed. "Can you two please calm down?" Sonic inquired. Amy pulled out the Yellow Chaos Emerald. Amy used Chaos Control and the three found themselves in Green Hill Zone.

Amy kicked Samus into a Tree. "I'm going to smash that pretty face of yours in!" Amy screamed. Samus jumped up. "Bring it!" Samus growled. "Oh god..." Sonic spoke. Amy charged at Samus; swinging her Hammer, Samus side-stepped out of the way, she then Roundhouse kicked Amy in the back of the Head. "Hmph. I'm fighting a mere Child." Samus spoke. Amy jumped up and ran towards Samus. Her Hammer collided with Samus' Face, smack. Samus went flying back. "How's that for a Child!?" Amy laughed. "Will you two please stop!?" Sonic shouted; from behind a Rock. They ignored him. Samus pulled Amy down as she walked over to her. She started to punch Amy in the Face. On the 4th Punch Amy kneed her in the Stomach and gave her a Headbutt. They both yelped in pain. "Nobody wins with a Headbutt..." Amy groand. They jumped up. Amy hit Samus in the Stomach with her Hammer; Samus kneed Amy in the Face, Amy stomped on Samus' Foot and elbowed her in the Face, Samus punched Amy in the Stomach and then kicked her in the Face, the two jumped back from eachother and took a breather. Both were beaten and bruised. Amy had a Black Eye and a Bloody Nose. Samus had a cut on her Forehead and her Lip. They growled. Then they began to charge at eachother. Sonic jumped into the Middle of them and raised his Arms. He looked pissed. "Stop! You are both acting like Children." Sonic spoke. They both grinded to a Halt. Sonic calmed down. "Just stop before you kill one another." Sonic continued. They calmed down. Sonic let out a sigh of relief.

"Amy, look... I know you have had this Childhood Crush on me for Years now, but you have to know by now, you don't really love me. It is a crush and nothing more. Just... Let it go. Go find someone you really love... Not a crush, real love. Undying love. Someone you want to spend your Life with. You don't really want me. I am just that one Hero you have a crush on for the sake of it. Don't waste your life on a lie... You are my Friend, you always will be, but i am not the one for you." Sonic spoke. Amy's Hammer disappeared. She let a single Tear drop. "You're... You're right." Amy spoke. She bowed her Head in shame and ran off. Sonic turned to look at Samus. Samus looked ashamed, she and Amy got on, she didn't really want to fight. "I'm sorry..." Samus sighed. "I'm not the one that needs an apology." Sonic stated. "I'll go get her..." Samus spoke. "No. Now's not the Time. Come on... I'll take you Home and get you fixed up." Sonic replied. Samus nodded. Sonic picked her up and ran off.

Sonic the Medic... Expected Scout[]

Sonic was going through a futuristic medical kit while Samus layed on the Couch. Everything there confused him greatly. "Um... This?" Questioned Sonic. He held a metal tool; that looked like a mix of a Corkscrew and a ladel, Samus gave him a 'Seriously?' look. "Sonic. That removes a Person's Organs if they are infected." Samus informed. Sonic went wide-eyed and dropped it back into the Box. "Sonic. Just pass me the Syrac Serum Needle." Samus sighed. Sonic rummaged through the Box. He pulled out a Needle filled with a glowing Blue liquid. "Ok just inject the Serum." Samus spoke. Sonic put the Needle in her Left Arm and he proceeded to inject the Serum. He placed the Needle into a Special compartment and a complete cleaning process began. It emerged as if it was brand new. Sonic put it back into the main Box. "Good... In two Hours all of my cuts will be fully healed. I won't even have scars." Samus informed. "All good then..." Sonic responded. There was an awkward silence.

"I should of controlled my Emotions better..." Muttured Samus. "Even if you did... Amy would of still fought with you." Sonic sympathised. "I never helped though..." Samus continued. "Well. There's some things we gotta live with." Sonic sighed. Samus nodded. She yawned. "Looks like the Serum's side effect is kicking in..." Samus yawned. "Ok... I'll put you to Bed." Sonic spoke. Samus smiled and nodded. They kissed before Samus fell asleep. Sonic picked her up and took her into her Bedroom.

Catch up[]

Sonic arrived outside of Tails' workshop. He knocked and Tails opened the Door. "Hi Sonic. Come on in." Tails greeted. Sonic smiled and entered. "Good to see you again." Tails spoke. "Thanks, bud. You been ok?" Sonic replied. "Definitly... Though i can't say the same for Metal." Tails informed. Sonic looked confused. Tails pointed over to Metal.

He was laying on his Bed; shaking, his Green Eyes rolling about, and if he had a Mouth, he'd have the biggest Smile you could imagine. Sonic and Tails walked over to him. "Um... Metal, buddy?" Sonic inquired. "Sonic, thank you." Metal chuckled. Sonic looked confused. "You know how i get all your Memories a DAY after they occur?" Metal spoke. "Yeah..." Sonic replied. "I got Tuesday's, and Wednesday's, memories." Metal chuckled. Sonic's confused expression turned to one of anger. "Metal you dirty..." Sonic stopped himself. "Epic freaking... WIN! ... Oh now i will always enjoy Tuesdays." Metal spoke. "Damn Biometric data..." Sonic mumbled. "He's been like this for 2 Hours." Tails sighed. "I'm only halfway through... WE really are the fastest thing alive." Metal interjected. Sonic felt like punching him. "Snap out of it now!" Ordered Sonic.

Metal jumped up. "Memory Unit paused. Placed into faviroutes. Five Senses simulation halted." Metal spoke. Sonic gave him a death glare. "What? I am technically you. You did the same. ... It was really weird viewing a Memory within a Memory... It was Memoryception!" Metal snapped. Sonic rolled his Eyes.

They check in but they don't check out[]

After an Hour and an half of hanging out with Tails and Metal; Sonic had left, he was running about Green Hill Zone. He ran through a Loop-de-Loop and jumped over a pit. He stopped and looked to his Right. It was the place where he and others had matches in the Tournament. He remembered fighting many smashers here. Mario, Captain Falcon, Fox, Link, Kirby, and even Samus to name a small few. A smile grew upon his face as he remembered the good times. Then he looked to the North. He sped off at super sonic speeds.

Quickly he arrived back at Samus' Ship. He entered it. He walked over to the Bedroom and silently opened the Door. He tredded over to the Bed. Samus was asleep and also fully healed. "Peaceful as ever..." Sonic whispered. Samus opened her Left Eye."Peaceful, hey?" Samus chuckled. Sonic jumped a little. "Didn't expect that." Sonic grinned. "What can i say? I'm a Women with many suprizes." Samus smiled. "I second that." Sonic replied. "Hum... How about we finish off where we left on our Date?" Suggested Samus. "Hum... What did the Docter say?" Sonic joked. "You tell me, Doc." Samus responded. "I will need a closer examination." Sonic grinned. He was pulled into Bed and the Quilt landed on them; covering them whole. Kisses could be heard. "I love you, Hedgehog." Samus sighed. "Vocal cords in good Health." Sonic chuckled; continuing the Doctor Joke. Samus giggled.

1 Hour later.

Sonic and Samus were snuggled up; embracing eachother. Samus had her Arms around Sonic and Sonic was holding her with one Arm. "Well... I belive that totals at 100% completion." Sonic joked. "150%, you overachiever." Samus responded. Sonic chuckled. "How about i cook you a nice Dinner?" Inquired Sonic. "My, my, arn't you the Gentleman?" Chuckled Samus. "I aim to please..." Sonic grinned. "What do you think the % for that is?" Samus inquired. "Hum... Over 9000!" Sonic joked. They laughed. The two kissed before Sonic got up. "I'll go make a Start." Sonic smiled. Samus nodded. "I'll take a quick Bath in the meantime." Informed Samus. Sonic nodded.

Space Dragon[]

Half an Hour later.

Sonic was busy in the Kitchin. He had a brilliant Meal in the works. Roast Chicken; with Stuffing, Roast Potatoes, and Yorkshire Pudding. He was humming the Song His World to himself as he worked. Samus meanwhile was tying her Hair up in her Ponytail.

A tremendous crash came from outside. The vibrations led to the two falling over. After recovering; Sonic stood up. Samus rushed out of the Bathroom in her Zero Suit, Power Bracelets, and Jet Heels. The Ship rocked back and forth. The Dinner fell onto the Floor as the Ship was rocked. Sonic growled. "Whoever is doing this is going to pay!" Sonic shouted; as he clenched his Fist. Omega-Ridley roared from outside. Samus knew that Roar anywhere. "Ridley..." She mumbled. The duo exited the Ship and ran outside. Ridley was waiting for them; an Animal Capsule next to him.

"Took you two rodents long enough." Ridley hissed. Sonic growled and readied for a Fight. Samus pressed the Pink Symbol on her Chest and a Golden light encased her. From the Feet upwards her Power Suit began to appear. The Armor encased her; followed by her Green Visor flashing into place, and then her Arm Cannon appearing. She pointed it towards Ridley and narrowed her Eyes. "Mere Child's play..." Ridley grinned. "You never give up do you? Stupid Space Dragon... Leave before we lay a serious beatdown upon you." Sonic frowned. Ridley laughed. "Silence Rat!" He commanded. "Hedgehog." Growled Sonic. "Food." Snapped Ridley. The three prepared to fight.

Another Showdown[]

Ridley breathed Fire; to which Sonic and Samus evaded, but the Flames bounced off of Samus' Ship. "I just got that waxed!" Samus shouts. She fired a few Beam shots at Ridley; who shrugged them off. He roared and Samus took the chance to fire Rockets into his Mouth. He shrieked in pain. Sonic Homing Attacked Ridley in the Back of the Head before jumping onto his Back. "Chaos Chakras, go!" Sonic ordered. Duel Golden Rings flashed into his Hands and Chaos Energy surged from them. Sonic used them to assault Ridley in the Back with rapid blows. Ridley shrieked in pain before throwing Sonic off. Samus performed a flying Kick on Ridley's Face and then grabbed his Snout. She pulled and fired 5 Rockets down Ridley's Mouth. Ridley grabbed her and threw her into a Tree. It snapped in half as she collided with it. Ridley flew towards the dazed Samus but one of the Chaos Chakras hit him in the Eye. He crashed into the Ground. Sonic caught the glowing Ring. Samus got back up. As did Ridley. Sonic Homing Attacked Ridley's Neck; as the Space Pirate attempted to breath Fire. He yelped in pain. "Go back to the Land before Time." Joked Sonic. Ridley grabbed the Hedgehog and began too smash him into the ground repeatedly. Samus performed a Screw Attack on Ridley; the Space Pirate dropped Sonic, and went crashing through a bunch of Trees.

He got up and roared. Sonic and Samus stood side by side. Sonic was clenching his Chaos Chakras; and their Chaos energy was being charged. Samus shifted her Arm Cannon into Super Missile mode. Ridley roared and flew at them. He flew straight past them and picked up the Animal Capsule before taking to the Sky. "My, my, i just can't lie, it's the thrill of the chase that created the ride." Suggested Sonic; with a Grin. Samus looked at him. "I'll fly, you shoot." Samus spoke. They ran into the Shp.

Sky chase[]

Ridley was flying through the Skies; carrying the Animal Capsule with his clawed Feet. Samus' Ship burst through the Clouds at incredible Speeds. Sonic was standing atop the Ship. "Give it up, Barney!" Mocked Sonic. "You know that is not my name, Rat!" Ridley replied. "Hedgehog!" Snapped Sonic. "Not so good, is it?" Chuckled Ridley. Sonic threw his Chaos Chakras at Ridley; they hit his Wings and Back, before flying back to Sonic, just like Boomerangs. Ridley spewed Fire Breath at the Ship. Samus took evasive action; spinning to the Left, Sonic gripped firmly onto the Ship before standing back up.

Samus fired her Ship's Duel Plasma Cannons; hitting Ridley multiple times. The Space Pirate roared in pain. "Gak... Grr... You stupid little Girl! I have the Hostages remember! Think about the Poor, defenceless, Animals... Just like your Blue lover there." Ridley grinned. Samus growled. "Hehe... That's right. Look at how i can kill with ease and you can't do a thing to stop me... Just like SSR-388." Ridley cackled. Samus lost it. She fired a barrage of Proton Missiles at Ridley; making him shriek in agony.

Sonic could see a familear shape in the Distance... The Lost Hex. "Great... This place again." Sonic mumbled. They were getting closer; as they flew over the Lost Hex, Ridley turned and grinned. He dropped the Capsule. "Whoopsy... Clumsy old me, hey? Go on... Maybe they won't be lost like... The Baby." Ridley cackled. Samus prepared to fire everything but Ridley used Chaos Control to escape. Samus flew down to the Lost Hex.

The Lost Hex[]

Samus' Ship landed in the middle of Windy Hill Zone. Sonic jumped off of the Roof. Samus exited her Ship through the Lift and walked over to Sonic. "What is this place?" Samus wondered; as she looked around. "This is the Lost Hex... An ancient land thought lost. I've been here before. The place is beautiful alright but it's also incredibly dangerous." Sonic explained. "Just another normal day then." Samus chuckled. "This is Windy Hill Zone." Informed Sonic. "Noted. Now let's go find that Capsule." Samus replied. Sonic nodded.

A short while later. Sonic and Samus were walking along. Samus looked over the edge of the land. "That's a drop and a half." Samus spoke. "Watch your step now." Sonic chuckled. They continued walking until they reached a dead end. "No where to go but downwards here." Sighed Samus. "Maybe not." Sonic spoke. He grabbed Samus by the wrist. "Sonic?" Inquired Samus. "Just trust me..." Sonic grinned. He jumped off the edge with Samus. "SONIC!?" Screamed Samus. They landed on a Cloud and when they did they were sent flying upwards. They landed on another; and another, before landing on a land mass.

"See... No biggy." Sonic chuckled. Samus was fuming. "You nearly got us killed!" Samus shouted. "Impossible... I had a plan." Sonic grinned. "What if that wasn't there, huh!?" Questioned Samus. "Ah, but it was. Calm down now, Sammy." Sonic chuckled. Samus calmed down a little. "A Nickname already, huh?" She spoke. "I'm a fast guy." Sonic replied. "Hehe... It's not that bad i guess." Samus followed up. Sonic smiled. "Good to hear." Chuckled Sonic.

It's a trap[]

Sonic and Samus ran towards the Animal Capsule that was in front of them. "Wait. Just to be sure..." Sonic spoke as he picked up a Rock. He threw it onto the Open Pad on the top of the Capsule. It opened and the Flickies inside flew out. "Phew. It's not a trap." Sonic sighed. The flickies flew around the couple. "I think they like you." Sonic chuckled. Flickies were flying around Samus, and some even perched upon her Shoulder Pads. "I usually scare things like these away." Chuckled Samus. Sonic smiled. Then all of the flickies flew away.

In a bombardment of Flash Grenades and Smoke Pellets; a legion of Space Pirates, and Badniks surrounded them. The Space Pirates shot at Samus, and the Badniks battered Sonic; while they were stunned. Sonic crashed to the ground; bruised and beaten. While Samus' Power Suit malfunctioned and she was beaten to the Ground. The duo stumbled back up and attempted to fight back. They killed a few of their foes but were ultimately overwhelmed. They wanted them alive. Still they tried to fight back as they were chained but it was no use.

(Sonic's P.O.V)

As i struggled on the ground too try and escape; the Space Pirates kicked and punched me. Eventually they chained my Legs and Arms. All i could do was squirm. Then i saw a Major stand above me.

(Samus' P.O.V)

I kicked and punched the Space Pirates as they attempte to chain me. I even snapped the Neck of one Liutenant. But it was no use... I was subdued. They slammed my Face into the ground and started to kick and punch me. I was forced to look at Sonic. The Major pointed his Arm Cannon at him... I screamed and shouted at him. It didn't listen... Instead it shot Sonic at point blank range. Sonic closed his Eyes and stopped moving. I screamed at the top of my Lungs and began to cry.

(Normal P.O.V)

As Samus lay there crying; shouting out Sonic's Name, the Major walked over. He kicked her in the face; leading to a Bloody Nose. He took aim... And fired.

Shadow Time[]

A Day later.

The Tornado MK.III flew over Windy Hill Zone. Tails was flying. Shadow stood on the wings. He had a Katana and two Pistols with him as his Weapons. He nodded to Tails before jumping off of the Tornado. He landed near the open Capsule. "This is the place." Shadow spoke. He took a few step forwards. A Buzzer Badnik appeared behind him. It fired a Rocket. Shadow ducked and put his Foot on the Rocket as it passed. He started to surf on it as it spiralled around. He redirected it at the Badnik and backflipped off of it as it neared the Robot. Boom. He landed. Shadow pulled out his Duel Pistols as two Egg Pawns jumped to his Left and Right. He shot their Heads off. More Egg Pawns appeared. "Hmph. I can already tell... This is going to be one Hell of a Party!" Shadow spoke. The Egg Pawns circled him.

He ducked and dodged their Sword swings. He jumped up as two swung at him at once: landing on the Blades that were stuck in a Tree, he shot their Heads off. Another charged towards him but he frontflipped over it and stabbed in the back with his Katana. Seven more rushed towards him. He chopped one in half and deflected laser bolts back at another. It stumbled and fell. Shadow jumped onto the Egg Pawn; kicked the Ground like one would to get a Skateboard moving, and started to surf on the Robot. He shot the others as he passed them before backflipping off of the Egg Pawn as it fell off the Land mass. He landed in the centre of more Egg Pawns. "The end? Don't bet on it." Shadow smirked as he drew his Katana from it's Sheath.

He unleashed a series of slashes at Light Speed to those behind him. The Egg Pawns stood there. As he sheathed his Blade they all burst into many pieces. He pulled out his Duel Pistols and pointed them at the Egg Pawns remaining. They charged at him. He shot those that got near and they went flying. He jumped into the Air. As he spun downwards; Egg Pawns all around him, he fired at each and everyone of them, making them Metal Confetti. He landed. An upgraded Egg Pawn; with a Gold Paint Job, a Spiked Shield, and a Plasma Axe teleported before him. Shadow aimed his Pistols; so that they were sideways, and one over the other. They began to glow Red and Electricity flowed over them. He was preparing Charge Shots. "Jackpot." Shadow spoke.

Black Blur[]

Shadow sped along a Tube land mass, Homing Attacking and Spindashing the Badniks in his way. He wall runned over a pit via a vine covered hill to his right. He shot the Badniks on the over side as he wall runned. Buzzer Badniks flew after him. He sped through a Loop-de-Loop and Triangle Jumped from one Rock Spire to another. As he jumped through mid-air he threw a Grenade at the Buzzer Squad. It exploded in mid-air and the Badniks were obliterated. Shadow continued to run forwards. Chopping apart Egg Pawns that go in his way. More Buzzers flew after him. He began to run backwards and fired his Pistols. "They just don't learn." Shadow grumbled. He shot them all to pieces before running forwards again. He used a Spring to reach a higher land mass and continued to run. He chopped apart the Crabmeat Badniks that blocked his way and boosted through a Squad of Egg Pawns. He went through another Loop-de-Loop and sidesteppes a bunch of pit falls. Shadow continued to run forwards; towards a Jungle type Area. "Let's get moving!" Shadow exclaimed as he boosted forwards.

More than meets the Eye[]

(Sonic's P.O.V)

I awoke to the sound of moving Chains. I looked around but i could see nothing, the Room was too dark. I felt colf Metal around my Wrists and Ankles. I seemed to chained up too. I contemplated calling out but i knew that would be a dumb idea. There was the sound of light breathing in the Room. I decided to whisper. "Sa... Samus? Are... You in here too?" I asked. "Yes..." I heard her reply. I let out a sigh of relief.

(Normal P.O.V)

"Don't worry... I'll get us out." Samus spoke. There was the sound of rustling chains. "Thank goodness." Sonic replied. There was the sound of chains clanging on the Floor; then followed by footsteps. "I thought i'd lost you earlier... I was scared i'd be alone again..." Samus was breaking down. "Don't worry now, Sammy... I'm here to make sure you're never alone again... Because i was alone too." Sonic comforted. "Thanks..." Samus replied. "Anytime." Chuckled Sonic. He felt Samus kiss him. "Ok, just a quick one... We have got to get out of here afterall." Sonic spoke. He closed his Eyes and kissed back. Sonic felt that Samus was colder than before; there was a chilly presence in the Room. The Lights slowly turned on but they were rather dim. After he felt the Kiss end; Sonic opened his Eyes, to his surprize, Dark Samus was stood before him and she was in her Human Form. She had a horrifying grin across her Pale Face.

"It's so great to hear you'll never leave ME." Dark Samus chuckled. She placed her Hand on the Wall next to Sonic's Head and run her Finger along his Chest. Sonic was scared whitless. He tried to break free from the Chains but they didn't budge. Dark Samus kissed him again before he could scream for help. She finished and gave him a chance to speak. "You... You monster..." Sonic stuttered. "What happened to all the affection?" Mocked Dark Samus. "That's for Samus... You faker." Sonic growled. "But I AM Samus... Without her Flaws... And you... You're mine because i DO share her good traits." Dark Samus grinned. "'You are nothing like her." Sonic snapped. "Really? Deep down we're the same... We just have different goals. Now... Why don't you take a trip to the Dark Side?" Responded Dark Samus.

She kissed him again; three times. One on the Lips; one on the Cheek, and one on the Neck. "Never... I will never go Dark... My Heart is for the real Samus and her alone." Sonic growled. Dark Samus pulled a sad face before turning it into a grin. "I'm going to have her killed... You will watch as she dies... And then, will you go to? You say you will only love Samus... By the end of the Day... I will be the only Samus." Growled Dark Samus. Sonic grew angrier. Dark Samus kissed him again. "Come on... Go Dark... Samus is going to die and i will be your only option." Sniggered Dark Samus. Sonic grew angrier and angrier. Dark Samus continued to kiss him. A Dark Aura enveloped Sonic. Dark Samus put her hands together and clapped. "Oh Sonic, my dear... We will have so much fun together. My loathsome counterpart is so boring compared to me." Dark Samus sighed. She kissed Dark Sonic... But Dark Sonic struggled, he still didn't want her. Dark Sonic tried to break free but his attempts were fruitless.

He struggled for a good 5 Minutes; each time the Chains gave him an electric shock, Dark Samus just stood there admiring him. "Please don't struggle... I have such a 'Party' planned for us two after her Execution." Dark Samus grinned. Dark Sonic scowled. "You have only proven you accept fate." Dark Samus spoke. Dark Sonic ignored her and looked away. She placed her Hands on his Face and made him look at her. "Imagine our glorious future ahead." Dark Samus whispered. She kissed him again but still he didn't Kiss back. He couldn't. He refused. But that didn't stop Dark Samus from continuing to Kiss him.

Unleash the Dark within[]

An Hour later.

Dark Sonic was chained up next to a Chair. Dark Samus was sat in the Chair. Eggman and Omega Ridley were also sat down. They looked out into an Arena. Samus was busy fighting a bunch of Space Pirates. Bodies were strewn across the entire Arena. Samus had been fighting for 2 Hours without break. The Space Pirates began to overwhelm her. But still she fought on. Dark Sonic was constantly trying to escape. But it was fruitless.

"Oh now, now... Please don't struggle... I want you to have enough Stamina for our Party... My lovely Big Blue." Dark Samus spoke. She stroked Sonic's Head. "I will never be yours." Dark Sonic growled. Dark Samus put him on her Lap. He tried to struggle free. "You already are." Dark Samus chuckled. She kissed him. "Hum... She better die soon... I can't wait for our Party." Dark Samus chuckled. She placed her Hand on his Cheek and moved it down to his Chest. "I can see why she picked you." She whispered. "And only she can have me." Dark Sonic snapped. "Shuush... Just struggle." Dark Samus grinned. She kissed him again while he tried to get free.

Dark Samus had visited Samus in her Cell earlier and told her about what she planned. Samus had been in a blind rage ever since; every time she saw Dark Samus kiss the struggeling Dark Sonic, her Rage increased tenfold. She was fighting as furiously as ever. Blasting apart everything that attacked. She would never give up.

Dark Samus finished kissing Dark Sonic. "Hum... I want the dessert now." She grinned. She stood up and dragged Dark Sonic away. Dark Sonic kept on screaming for Samus to help him. Dark Samus dragged him into her Room and closed the Door. Samus was still fighting the Space Pirates but was growing weaker each Second. Dark Samus was kissing Dark Sonic who was trying to break out of the Room; she threw him onto the Bed. Space Pirates were surrounding Samus and started to get direct hits. Samus stumbled back and fell to her Knees. Dark Samus was on top of Dark Sonic and was kissing him. The Space Pirates stalked towards the downed Samus; who could no longer fight back. "Your Fate is sealed..." Whispered Dark Samus. Dark Sonic knew Samus was about to die and he couldn't do anything. He had failed her. "Do you accept me now?" Dark Samus questioned. Dark Sonic let a single Tear out. Samus looked around and could see the Space Pirates aiming at her. She let the Tears roll. Dark Sonic looked at Dark Samus; he saw an image of Samus, smiling. He sighed. Dark Samus grinned. Dark Sonic slowly placed his Hands on her Hips. Dark Samus was about to kiss him. The Space Pirates were about to fire.

Shadow burst through the Roof of the Arena Room. He landed in the Arena and shot the Space Pirates with his Pistols; dodging Laser fire, and getting Headshots. He obliterated all of the Space Pirates around before glaring at Eggman and Ridley.

Dark Sonic was kissing Dark Samus when he heard Explosions. "What is going on?" Growled Dark Samus. Dark Sonic stopped seeing Samus in place of Dark Samus and broke the trance. Dark Samus looked at him. "No, no, no. Everything was perfect! Stay! Stay!" Dark Samus began to break down. "I do not love you... I pity you." Dark Sonic spoke. He turned back to normal. "Please... I've never had anyone... Please..." Dark Samus cried. She hugged Sonic. Sonic gave her a pityful look before pushing her to the side. She just sat there crying as Sonic got up. He walked to the Door. He stopped. "Sorry." Sonic mumbled. He left.

Son of Sparda[]

Shadow was running down a Hallway with the weakened Samus behind. "We gotta keep moving. Sonic will be around here." Shadow noted. Samus nodded. Shadow kicked open a set of double doors and the duo ran into a pentagonal room, with Pits around the edges. A Man with Spiky White Hair; weilding a Katana, dressed in Black Trousers, with a sleevless vest, while wearing a long Blue overcoat, was standing in the middle. He looked up at the two before him. It was Vergil.

Shadow looked at Samus. "You go and find Sonic. I'll keep Devil Boy occupied." Shadow spoke. "Ok... Got it." Samus replied. She ran out of the Room. "Shadow the Hedgehog. The Ultimate Lifeform. It's an Honor to meet a fellow Warrior of great esteem." Vergil spoke. Shadow took a bow. "Hard to find good Warriors these days." Shadow replied. "Indeed it is." Vergil adknowleged. Vergil pulled Yamato, his Katana, from it's Sheath. "Shame you use Guns... Distasteful weapons." Vergil spoke. "I kinda like 'em." Shadow replied. He aimed his pistols at Vergil then fired a bunch of Bullets. Vergil created a Vortex of Blade swipes that send the Bullets back at Shadow. Shadow pulled out the Dark Blade, his Katana, and used it to produce a blast of Chaos energy that destroyed the bullets. "Have at you then." Shadow grinned. Vergil nodded.

They ran towards eachother; blades brandished, then connected the two blades. They began too power struggle. They backflipped away from eachother. They ran again. Both sliced eachother's Chests but they merely shrugged it off. Shadow began a flurry of slices but Vergil deflected them all. "Chaos Control!" Shadow shouted. Time began to move at a Snail's Pace; Shadow began to slice at Vergil, Time resumed. Vergil stumbled backwards and grunted. Vergil ran towards him and began to slice at him before kicking him away. Shadow stumbled up but was sliced again by Vergil; sending him into a Piller. Shadow fired a Chaos Spear and Vergil was sent flying back. They ran towards eachother again. They began to slice at eachother rapidly; both deflecting eachother's attacks, creating a Whirlwind around them. They began to power struggle again. Vergil overpowered Shadow and grabbed the Dark Blade as it flew out of his Hands. Vergil stabbed it straight through Shadow and kicked him into a Piller; impaling him. Vergil sheathed his Blade. Shadow recovered and took the Blade out from him. "I don't always get stabbed by my own Sword, but when i do, i never die from it." Shadow chuckled. He took off his Inhibitor Rings. At lightspeed Shadow brutally sliced at him; making Blood spew from him, while he stumbled backwards, not getting a chance to attack back. He went flying into a Wall. Shadow started to breath heavily before putting his Inhibitor Rings back on. "Impossible" Grunted Vergil. Shadow chuckled. Vergil used his Devil Trigger and stood back up. He began to assualt Shadow in a similear way Shadow did to him; knocking him against a Wall, before he fell down a Pit.

Vergil turned back into his Human Form and sheathed his Katana. "Hmph. Farewell." Vergil spoke. He turned and walked out of the Room.


Meanwhile outside of Eggman's Tower Base.

Egg Pawns were on patrol around the area. From a Treetop; a glowing, Purple, Eye and another, not glowing, Purple Eye glared at the Robots. A face was covered in shadows; but you could see the person lick their Lips with a devilish grin. The figure disappeared into the shadows. The Egg Pawns continued to look around. One stopped near a Bush and looked left and right before giving a shrug. A Hand reached out from the Bush and... Taped it on the Shoulder. It turned around but no one was there. The Egg Pawn was greatly confused and quickly searched the Bush. It gave up and turned around. Juri was standing in front of him. Her Left Eye glowed again. She unleashed a volley of kicks that were covered in Purple Ki energy. The kicks broke the Robot into pieces. Egg Pawns surrounded Juri as she stood over their fallen brother; she turned around and licked her Lips. "You're gonna have too do better than that to get me excited." Juri grinned.

They opened fire upon her; but she dodged each shot with no effort, and began to kick them apart. She was a blur of Purple Ki energy in a mist of Orange Metal. Egg Pawns were sent flying and some tried too retreat but she got to them before they had a chance of surviving. She performed a cartwheel kick while her Feet were covered in Ki. She tore Egg Pawns straight in half with the Attack. She stopped and kicked the Sword of one Robot straight through 3 more that charged at her. She ducked from a sword and swiped the Egg Pawn off of it's Feet with a spinning Kick. She jumped up and kicked it away. She landed and brushed Dirt off her Shoulder. A Egg Pawn tried to attack from behind but she spun around and punched straight through it; ripping out it's Core and crushing it in her Hand. She pushed it to the ground. "Wow... What a bore. I hate fighting weaklings." Juri grinned. She turned and looked at the Tower; grinning. She licked her Lips and put her Hands together. "No holds barred..." She laughed. In a blur she was gone.

Juri ran through the Base; killing everything that got in her way with ease, she ran across a wall before jumping off and kicking a Buzzer Badnik's Head off, she continued to kick and punch her way through Robots. She knocked one Egg Pawn over and began to surf on it. She smashed straight through other Robots with the Egg Pawn. "I love a good ride." Juri grinned. She jumped off of the Robot and let it crash into a Wall. She began to wall jump up an Elevator Shaft. "I will destroy all who appose me." Juri glared; as she jumped through an Elevator Door and kicked an Egg Pawn in two. She continued to run through the Corridors and obliterated everything in her Path. "I'm the Judge, Juri, and Executioner... I'm the ultimate Street Fighter!" Juri exclaimed as she kicked a Motobug Badnik through a Door. She ran through the Smoke.

A challenger approaches[]

Juri walked through a ruined Computer Room. She was juggling a Egg Pawn's Head in her Left Hand. She tossed it behind her and walked over to the Computer. She sat down in a Chair; and spun around in it, while letting out a mad laugh. She stopped and put her Legs over the Arm of the Chair and began to type with one Hand on the Computer. "Useless, useless, not interested, useless, useless, useless... Go away! I am not interested in your products. Grr... Get ad-blocker, Doc." Juri spoke as she went through the files. "Now this... Is what i need. Activating... There we go. A Girl has needs and this'll sate SOME of mine." Juri chuckled. A pod popped up next to her and she placed her Hand on it. A glowing Cube popped out of the Pod. "Excellent..." Juri grinned. She picked up the Cube and crushed it in her Hand. The shards turned into energy and flowed into her. Purple Ki energy engulfed her and her Left Eye glowed. "Unlimited power!" Juri exclaimed.

She jumped out of the Chair and sent out a Ki blast. "This feels so good..." Juri grinned. Egg Pawns burst into the Room and stood before the powered up Juri. Juri licked her Lips. "This Party's getting Crazy..." Juri chuckled. She typed in a Command to the Computer and it began to play her Battle Theme. "Ladies first." Juri spoke. In a flash she was beating Egg Pawns apart with Ki charged attacks. She jumped on one of their Heads; flipped in mid-air, and kicked jumped off the Ceiling. She punched straight through an Egg Pawn. She ducked and swiped a Egg Pawn off it's Feet and sent out a Ki swipe via a Kick. The Egg Pawn went crashing though it's brothers. Two Egg Pawns charged at Juri. She did a Handstand and kicked out with both Legs; sending the Egg Pawns into the Air, then she jumped up, unleashing a flurry of Ki throwing Kicks in mid-air, the Robots were torn apart. Juri stood in the middle of a scrap littered Room. She looked at the exit... Mecha Sonic 2.0 stood in her way. "Don't be afraid... I can do whatever you want." Juri spoke as she ran her Fingers through her Hair and swayed her Hips. Mecha got into a fighting stance. "Target acquired." Mecha spoke; in a deep robotic voice. Juri licked her Lips; then got into a fighting stance.

One shall stand, one shall fall[]

Juri and Mecha crashed through the observation Window and began to freefall. Juri got on top of Mecha while they fell; she began to Punch him repeatedly, Mecha punched her back but was then kneed in the Chest. Juri continued to punch him. Mecha grabbed her and spun around; he kicked her downwards. Juri crashed into the Ground of the Room where Shadow and Vergil had fought. Rubble went flying. Mecha landed and stood up. From the Rubble; Juri emerged, engulfed in Ki energy and perfectly fine. Mecha fired a Wrist Rocket at her but she kicked it into the Wall. "May i have this Dance?" Juri chuckled. Mecha just glared. They got into their battle stances.

"Hadouken!" Juri shouted. She sent a Purple Hadouken straight into Mecha; who stumbled backwards. Juri meanwhile had run up to him. "Shoryuken!" Juri shouted. She sent Mecha flying upwards with a flaming Uppercut; the Purple flames burning at him. He recovered and kicked Juri in the Face. She went flying but recovered and landed safely. She ran towards Mecha and unleashed a Volley of kicks. Mecha blocked a few of them and tried to punch her. Juri dodged it. She jumped at a Piller then kick jumped off it; with a Ki enforced punch, she sent Mecha flying. She swinged off of a Railing and kicked the recovering Mecha in the Face. Mecha kicked her in the Stomach and then elbowed her in the Face. Juri stumbled back. She ducked to avoid another kick and swiped Mecha off his Feet. Juri's Left Eye began too glow. Mecha stood up. Juri ran towards Mecha; swiped him off his Feet, unleashed of volley of kicks while Mecha was in mid-air, then she uppercutted him, sending him and her higher into the Air, Juri teleported to the ground, as Mecha fell she used her Ninja Skill and Ki power too stop him, she placed her Hand around his face and licked her Lips. "That was fun..." Juri whispered. She slammed him down into the ground.

Mecha lay there in a small crater. He weakly tried to crawl forwards. Juri's Foot appeared in front of his Face. He looked up to see Juri; grinning. He weakly grabbed her Leg; as if too beg for mercy, Juri just grinned. "Sleep tight." Juri spoke. Mecha tried to shout out but Juri stomped on his Head... Crushing it. "Off to find more Hobbies." Juri spoke. She walked out of the Room.


Sonic was traveling through the Corridors. The Lights were broken and Egg Pawns were littered across the Floor. "It must have been Samus... It has too be." Sonic spoke. He continued along.

Samus was also running through Corridors. Though the ones she was in were perfectly fine. "Where is he? Where is he?" Muttured Samus. She was very cautious as she moved along.

Juri was walking along a ruined Corridor. She smashed a Motobug Badnik into the Wall. She continued to move along. A Door stood in her way. She licked her Lips and grinned.

Sonic ran into a 4-way Room through a Door. He looked around and sighed. "Grr... What Door do i chose? What Door? What Door? Grr..." Sonic grumbled. He looked at the other 3 Doors and tapped his Foot. He was growing more agitated each second. "Grr... Why must therebe four doors?" Sonic muttured. A Door opened to his Right. He jumped into a battle stance... But it was Samus. "Thank god, i've finally found you." Samus spoke. Sonic rushed up to her and grabbed her; took off her Helmet, swung her down, and gave her a Kiss. They were there for a good minute or so. "I thought i'd lost you." Sonic spoke. He showed signs of nearly crying. Samus placed her Hand on his Cheek. "I thought the same..." Samus smiled. She held back tears. Sonic smiled. They hugged and then kissed.

A door went flying off it's hinges. Samus put her Helmet back on. Sonic and Samus readied themselves. Juri walked in; brushing dirt off her Shoulder, and grinning. Her Left Eye was glowing. "What a lovely couple..." Juri spoke. Her Eye stopped glowing. "What are you here for? You siding with them?" Inquired Sonic. "Oh no, no... I have no sides but my own... I'm just here for fun." Juri replied. Juri moved closer. Samus pointed her Arm Cannon at her. "Don't push me, or i'll eat you all up..." Juri spoke; as she put her hands together and turned her back. "Bones and all." Juri continued; licking her Lips and turning to look at them. "Well then... How about we help eachother out?" Sonic asked. "I don't think i'd get a fun fight with you right now... So, yes." Juri replied. "Don't try anything funny then." Samus spoke. "I have no intention of such things." Juri chuckled.

Destruction... Sweet destruction[]

(Juri's P.O.V)

I ran down the corridors of this scrap infested base... These junk-heads offer no challenge... Their combat 'skills' disgust me. Sonic and Samus were running behind me. I honestly had no intention of fighting them... Today. I kicked one of those fat, orange, robots out of my way. They are so weak. I kicked a door open and we entered the room. "Hum... Looks like Eggheads central command room." Sonic spoke. "Let's trash it." I hissed. I live for the thrill of fighting, killing, and destroying afterall. The Doctor himself emerged from an Elevator. He walked up to his Computer then stopped; he turned and look at us. He screamed and jumped back... Idiot... And they say he has an IQ of 300. Still not as dumb as Rufus though... Hell, he doesn't even look as bad. But i like to say that about alot of guys... I'm quite the femme fatale. I chuckled. "Gu... Guards!" Eggman called out. I crossed my arms and tapped my foot. I knew no one would come. "Poor little Doctor... A bit like a fly... Well guess what? I'm the Spider and i'm watching you squirm." I grinned.

In a flash i had him by the Neck. I wouldn't kill him... But i'd make him wish i did. I licked my Lips as i squeezed. "Pl... Please! So... Son... Sonic! I had... No choice! I was forced too! They were going to kill me! I... I... I did what i had to, too survive." He choked out. I grinned as i squeezed a little harder... His suffering felt so good. I let him go then slammed him against the Computer. "That doesn't excuse what you did." Sonic snapped. I grinned as he walked over. "I... I never even harmed you directly! They did all the work! I was just a pawn!" Eggman groveled. He turned and looked at me. "Please don't let him hurt me." Eggman begged. He groveled at my Feet. I just stood there and licked my Lips. "But... I just love pain." I chuckled. Eggman whimpered.

Sonic grabbed Eggman by the Coller. "But i'll let you off lightly if you blow this Base sky high." Sonic spoke. I was a bit disappointed by the fact he wouldn't beat him to a pulp. "Done!" Exclaimed Eggman. Sonic let him go. The Doctor started to type away at his Computer. I saw the words 'Self Destruct sequence began' displayed on the screen. I let out a pleasured sigh. "Sweet destruction..." I spoke. I unleashed a volley of kicks upon the Computer. "What are you doing!?" Eggman asked. I turned and grinned. "Now no one can stop it." I spoke. "Good work." Samus complimented. I nodded.

The great escape[]

The 4 were in the Elevator; It was a bit cramped but they managed. Juri was humming to the tune that was playing and bopping her Head left and right. The others gave her confused looks. Juri sighed. "I'm bored... There'd better be something to kill outside... A Girl has needs." She spoke. "Great... Stuck in an Elevator with a sadistic pyscho." Eggman grumbled. "I could kill you at any time, doc." Juri noted as she looked at her Nails on her Left Hand. "What is your problem?" Asked Sonic. "People... Weaklings... Rules." Juri replied. The Elevator stopped and they found themselves on the Rooftop... Well the work in progress Rooftop; the Tower still wasn't fully finished. They 4 walked forward.

Suddenly; to their right, Ridley and Dark Samus flew past and away into the distance. "Takes care of 2 problems... I hope Shadow is ok." Samus spoke. "I'm afraid he is taken care of." Vergil interjected; standing on scaffolding to their Left. "You... Didn't expect to see you here." Sonic spoke. "Hum, duty called." Vergil replied. All but Eggman prepared to fight. "I'm afraid i could easily kill you all... But i wouldn't want to be here in 10 Minutes..." Vergil stated. A Bullet hit the Metal Grate next to him. Shadow was behind the group. "I have a Bone to pick with you." Shadow scowled. "Another time perhaps. Farewell!" Vergil replied. He jumped next to a Spacr Pirate fighter Ship and entered it. It took off in a matter of seconds. "Another time..." Mumbled Shadow.

"We don't have much time. Get in my Ship and i will fly you back to Samus' Ship." Eggman spoke. They all nodded. "Excellent... Time to go." Eggman continued. They walked over to a Red and Yellow Fighter Ship with Blue Cockpit Glass and a massive Engine at the back. They began to enter the Ship; but Juri turned around, she had felt a familear presence nearby... M.Bison was floating through a Portal behind them. "Great..." Sonic muttered. "You lot don't have the time... Go." Juri grinned. The others nodded. All but Juri entered the Ship; and it took off into the sunset, the Tower began to slowly fall apart.

"Now face the mighty Bison." Bison grinned as he landed before Juri. "You came all this way to see me... To die... How sweet." Juri grinned. "Foolish Girl. I will enjoy watching you die, just like your Parents." Bison replied. Juri's Left Eye glowed and Ki energy surrounded her. Ki energy surrounded Bison's Forearms aswell. "I'm not afraid of a Joke like you. Killing is my hobby afterall... And you've found yourself in my sight." Juri chuckled. She licked her Lips. "Words have consequences, Girl." Bison grinned. They glared at eachother.

Final Fight[]

Juri and Bison stared at eachother with great contempt. The Tower was falling apart. The Floor collapsing; and the walls cracking. Ki energy flowed around the two. Then they ran at eachother.

Juri jumped up and spun around; in an attempt to kick. Bison spun around and sent out a kick of his own. The two blows collided and sent out a shockwave; they both jumped back. Juri growled while Bison grinned. He propelled himself forwards; spinning in a corkscrew motion, while holding out his Left Hand. Juri jumped over the attack and kicked Bison in the back; sending him into the ground. Juri chuckled. Bison jumped up. Juri sent out a Ki Fireball by a kick. Bison blocked it and sent out a Hadouken. Juri jumped over it. "A mere Child could never win against me... A mere Child driven by blinding rage." Bison grinned. Juri growled. She unleashed a volley of Ki covered kicks that battered Bison. Bison jumped back up and kicked Juri in the Stomach; sending her colliding into a wall. Juri stood back up. Bison fired a Hadouken that hit her in the Face. Juri fell to the ground. "Hahahahaha. Pitiful creature." Bison laughed. Juri stumbled back up. Her Ki engulfing her... A raging fire shining in her Eyes. "Death... To all... Who appose me!" Juri roared. In a mere second she was batterin Bison with kicks; punches, and fireballs, as she jumped from his Left to his Right constantly. She performed a mid-air Cartwheel kick flurry as her Feet were covered in Ki. She backflipped away from the stunned Bison. Her Left Eye glowed; Electricity swirled around her, and she unleashed fireballs via kicks that juggeled Bison in the Air, Bison crashed into the ground. Juri chuckled. Bison jumped back up and began to punch Juri repeatedly; sending her into a Rail. Juri recovered and dodged a Kick from Bison. She roundhouse kicked him; then swung around a Metal Pole, unleashing kicks in all directions, these carried Bison 'round and 'round, before Juri let go and pushed both her and Bison forward with a powerful kick. Before Bison could counter Juri kicked him in the Face. Juri laughed. "Sweet... Sweet." Juri grinned. Bison stumbled back up.

"You... Cannot defeat me... You're just a Child." Bison groand. Juri unleashed more kicks upon him followed by multiple fireballs. Bison fell to the ground... He was on the edge of the Tower. "I am no Child. I am Juri Han. I am the ultimate force of revenge. I am the perfect fighter." Juri chuckled. "You are a foolish girl... I am the mighty Bison... I shall live forever!" Bison growled. Ki energy engulfed Juri; her Left Eye glowed. "Yes... You shall live forever in Hell!" Juri laughed. She floated in mid-air as Ki energy swirled around her; and she laughed madly. Bison stumbled up. A giant ball of energy engulfed the bottom of the Tower; it was going to explode. "You'll die here too..." Bison grinned. Juri licked her Lips. Her Hair turned Purple and became spiky. "I am Juri Han!" She screamed. A massive ball of Ki energy engulfed the Area... Followed by the explosion of the Tower.

A never ending Story[]

2 Days later. Westopolis Countryside.

It was Night time. Samus was sat on the Roof of her Ship; dressed in her Red T-Shirt and Yellow Shorts. Her Ship was now parked near the Lake wher she and Sonic met on the Anniversary of her Parent's Death. She was looking at the Stars that were shining brightly. Sonic had been gone a Day. He said he had too do something important. A golden light shone in the Sky; followed by a golden stream. It was heading towards the Lake. This caught Samus' attention. After staring at it for a Minute; she knew the cause. Super Sonic. He arrived at the Lake. He flew over to Samus and landed. He smiled; and Samus smiled back. Super Sonic turned back into Sonic. Sonic pulled out a Red Rose and got on one Knee. He winked and smiled. Then he pulled out a Rock Shard. "Samus... I promise with all that i am, that i will stand by you for a million enternitys. I will be everything you have ever wanted or needed... And to prove this... I brought you a piece of your Home Planet, SSR-388... Will you allow me to be your Home?" Sonic smiled. Samus let tears of joy run down her Face. She quickly hugged Sonic and kissed him while she cried. "Of course! I love you, Sonic." Samus spoke. Sonic smiled. "I love you too, Samus." He replied. Sonic took a hold of her and gave her a Kiss. They fell backwards as they kissed and embraced. "I am yours forever." Sonic spoke.

Club Rouge.

The TV was on. Shadow was sat on the Couch; Rouge was laying next to him, resting on his Shoulder. Omega was making drinks in the Kitchin. Lyc was sitting on the smaller Couch with Aela next to him. He had his Arm around her. A knock came to the Door. "Come on in." Rouge spoke. Silver walked in with a smile. "Hello Son. How was your Date with Blaze?" Shadow asked; actually smiling.

Westopolis Rooftops.

Juri; now back to normal, was sitting on the Edge of a Rooftop, a Leg dangling over the side. A mischievous grin across her face. Her Left Eye glowed for a split second. She licked her Lips and looked at the Moon. "I am the ultimate fighter..." Juri chuckled.

Samus' Ship. 

Sonic and Samus popped out from under the quilt of Samus' Bed and layed back. They smiled at eachother and kissed. Sonic put his Arm around Samus. "Arn't you Mr Romantic?" Samus chuckled. "And i win every battle." Sonic grinned. "Alright then, Mr Cocky, Round two." Samus spoke. "See? Win, win, win. Like an Ultra Combo... Now, as you wish, Miss Bounty Hunter." Sonic chuckled. They kissed and Samus pulled the Quilt completely over them. "I love you..." Samus sighed.