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Two Worlds collide; and so do Fists, in this Action packed Story. It's a race against time to stop the Shadaloo & Eggman Empire from unleashing Chaos upon the World, but not everyone can get along.

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Involved Characters[]


  • Sonic the Hedgehog/Heartless Sonic
  • Miles Tails Prower
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Metal Sonic/Neo Metal Sonic
  • Dr Eggman

Street Fighter:

  • Juri/Dark Juri
  • Ryu/Evil Ryu
  • Ken
  • Chun Li
  • Cammy
  • Seth
  • M.Bison


  • Dante
  • Slender Man

Calm before the Storm[]

A Bar in downtown Westopolis.

Sonic, Shadow, Dante, and Slender were sat at a Table; having a few drinks together. "Now this... Is a Night out." Dante spoke. He ate a slice of Pizza. "Too right. Beers, Pizza, and manliness." Shadow responded. "Sometimes guys like us need some peace; we need to kick back and relax. We deserve it." Slender interjected. "He's right. We do all this heroic shit... We need this." Dante nodded. Sonic took a swig of his drink. "You're right, Dante. Stuff has been rough lately. I'm glad Shadow suggested this." Sonic spoke. The others nodded. "I made the right call." Shadow chuckled. "Amen to that." Slender spoke. They continued to talk and drink; telling stories of heroics to each other, alongside jokes.

Later. Downtown Westopolis.

The group walked down the Street together. Dante got a Phone Call. "Hello?" Dante asked. There was the sounds of a Woman screaming down the Phone; Dante had to hold the Phone at Arm's Length. The screaming stopped. Dante was silent. "I'll be right back..." Dante sighed. He hung up. "It's Trish... Apparently Demons have trashed the Shop and i'm too blame. Urrgh, Women." Dante spoke. The others sighed. "See ya then, buddy." Sonic replied. Dante nodded. "Gotta go." Dante informed. He ran off. "Well... Rouge will be wondering where i am." Shadow sighed. Sonic and Slender nodded. "See you two tomorrow." Shadow spoke. He ran off. Sonic and Slender continued along. "I'm gonna go now anyway... Gotta get some shut-eye." Slender spoke. "See ya." Sonic replied. Slender nodded. He teleported away. Sonic continued along. He walked along the empty Street; holding his Head. He felt as if someone was watching him; but no one was around. "Really is getting to me..." He muttered. His vision became disorientated. "Whoah..." Sonic spoke. He took a few steps forward but fell over. "I hate drinking... For this part." Sonic mumbled. He felt someone help him up and pull him to the side. "Thanks..." Sonic spoke. He found himself in an Alley way. He looked around. He saw two Purple Eyes in the dark. He gulped. "My pleasure..." Chuckled a frightening, yet somehow soothing voice.

"Sh... Sha... Shade?" Sonic gulped; he really hoped it wasn't that Succubus, he hadn't seen her in like 8 Months. "Name doesn't ring a Bell." The figure replied. "Phew... Gettin' worried there." Sonic sighed. He felt a hand on his Shoulder. "There's still plenty of time for that." The figure whispered into his Ear. He could tell it was definitely Female. "What's your Game?" Sonic inquired. He felt the figure rub his Shoulders. He relaxed a bit. "What alot of tension..." The figure chuckled. "Well... I'm the fastest thing alive and a world renowned Hero. I deal with alot." Sonic grinned. The figure continued to give him a Massage. "So you are indeed the one and only Sonic?" The figure inquired. The figure stopped. Sonic grinned and gave a Thumbs up. "Too right. Sonic's the name, speed's the game." Sonic chuckled. "Hmm... Impressive." The figure sighed. Sonic chuckled. "Hehe. May i ask who you are?" Sonic asked. "Names, names, names... If you must know... I'm Juri. Juri Han. I'm the world's ultimate fighter." The figure answered. Sonic could see she was grinning. "Hmm... Lemme guess; you looking for Rivals?" Sonic spoke. Juri stepped out of the shadows. "Yeah... You look like you're in good shape." Juri grinned. Sonic cracked his Fingers; ran up a Wall, and back flipped off it before giving a thumbs up. "I guess i have to be a Gentleman... You're not bad yourself." Sonic chuckled. "Plenty of time for us to get to know each other later... We got all night baby." Juri replied. Her Left Eye glowed for a second. "Well then... Let's get this show on the road. I live for the thrill of a good fight and adventure." Sonic spoke. "I think we'll really like each other." Juri grinned.

Alley Fighter[]

"Since you say you're the world's ultimate fighter, i won't hold back." Sonic warned. "Perfect... No holds barred, just what every girl wants." Juri replied. They get into fighting stances. "I'm going to eat you all up... Bones and all." Juri grinned. She licks her Lips. "You must defeat me first to stand a chance at that." Sonic chuckled. They readied themselves.

Juri rushed towards Sonic; Purple Ki trailing from behind her, she jumped up, and brought her Foot down upon Sonic, before landing and kicking him backwards. "Whoah... You're fast." Sonic muttered. He jumped over Juri and spindashed her, swiping her off her Feet. She got back up. She wrapped her Leg around Sonic; propelled him into the air, jumped up, and kicked him away. He collided into the ground before jumping back up. "I underestimated you..." Sonic grinned. Juri grinned. She ran her Fingers through her Hair and swayed her Hips. "Come on... I can do whatever you want." She spoke. Sonic performed a homing attack. Juri used a Kick to send a Purple Ki fireball towards Sonic. He was knocked backwards but recovered and landed on his Feet. He ran towards her and began a combo of punches and kicks; Juri was sent backwards. She brushed her Hair out of the way of her Eyes and grinned. She dashed forwards and kicked Sonic in the Face; following up with a few punches, then many rapid kicks. Sonic was stunned. Juri performed her Pinwheel attack, her Ki covered Feet battering Sonic. Sonic fell backwards. Juri jumped on top of him. 

"No holds barred, remember? Come on... You're holding back. I just know it." Juri whispered into Sonic's Ear. "You're right... Forgive me. I will do as best as i can next." Sonic grinned. Juri licked her Lips and moved her Face closer to his. "Bring it..." She spoke. She jumped off of him and brushed dirt off of her Shoulder. Sonic stumbled up. "Even in my drunken state... I'll try." Sonic informed. They got back into their fighting stances.

Sonic homing attacked Juri; two times, sending her flying back, as she neared the ground, Sonic ran to her other side and kicked her away. She crashed into the ground; rolled a little, but then got back up. She blocked a punch and kicked Sonic backwards. She jumped over a spindash and kicked Sonic in the back. Sonic got back up and kicked her a few times. They back flipped away from each other. Juri jumped up; used a homing kick, propelled Sonic into the air, punched him rapidly, then kicked him to the ground. Sonic got back up. "Sonic Wind!" Sonic exclaimed, as he clenched his Fist. He spun around in a flurry of kicks; that resulted in a Blue vortex, Sonic kicked the vortex at Juri. She was caught by it and battered relentlessly in it; before being flung into the ground, she stumbled up. "You know how to please a girl." Juri chuckled. "So i've been told." Sonic grinned. Juri unleashed a flurry of kicks that ended in her pinwheel move. Sonic collided into the ground. As he got up; Juri sent a fireball into his Face, stunning him. She kicked him on his Head; knocking him to the ground, then jumped on his Back, then onto his Rear-end, before back flipping off of him.

Sonic crawled an inch but then gave in. Juri stood over him. Her Left Eye glowing. "Impressive... Even when drunk, you are great in a fight." Juri spoke. She jumped over to his front. Sonic could see her Feet in front of him. "I really want to fight you when you are Sober. As soon as possible. Hmm..." Juri grinned. "Why do i always get the crazy chicks..." Sonic grumbled. "Hmm... You're coming with me." Juri continued. "Wha... What!?" Sonic exclaimed. "Nighty, night, sweetums." Juri grinned. "Oh for the love of..." Sonic muttered. Juri kicked him in the Face.

Waking up[]

The next Day. Abandoned Warehouse.

Sonic laid upon a Bed; a Purple Quilt covering him, he was unconscious. He slowly began to open his Eyes. A Light was gently swaying above him, attached to the Ceiling. He closed his Eyes and then reopened them. His vision was blurry. He had a terrible headache. He wasn't sure if he should blame his hangover or the fight. He held his head in agony; grunting, before sitting up. He looked around the Room. Cracked walls and a dusty Desk; yet the Bed was new, he could see an old wooden Door near a broken Window, and another Door on the Left of the Room.. "Urgh... Where am i?" Sonic pondered. He heard whistling from outside. The door handle moved. He laid down and pretended to be fast asleep.

'Hopefully this'll work... Wow... This Bed is comfy.' Sonic thought to himself. He heard the door open and footsteps. The footsteps stopped, as did the whistling. "I'll have to wake him eventually..." Juri spoke. Sonic heard footsteps again. Then another Door opening and closing. He didn't dare to budge for a Minute or two. Eventually he opened his Eyes and slowly looked around... The Room was empty. Sonic let out a sigh of relief. He slowly got up and snuck out of the Room, tredding as stealthily as he possibly could. He slowly opened the exit Door and snuck out. He tredded along the platform; walking backwards, keeping his eyes fixed upon the Room.

He bumped into something. He stopped dead in his tracks. Gulped. He turned around and then he looked up... Juri was there, grinning at the Hedgehog. "Leaving so soon? Without saying goodbye? Or leaving a Number? I haven't even got the chance to make you Breakfast yet." Juri spoke. She licked her Lips and her Left Eye glowed. Sonic was trembling in fear. "What a bad little Hedgehog..." Juri grinned. Sonic gulped again. "Don't hurt me." Sonic squeaked out, in a tiny voice. Juri chuckled. "Breakfast time..." She grinned.

Round 2[]

Sonic was kicked off of the platform and down to the Floor below. He stumbled back up. Juri climbed on the railings and perched upon them. "Come on... Pleasure me." Juri grinned. Sonic cracked his Knuckles. "You're crazy, you know that?" Sonic replied. "So i've been told." Juri responded. "What's your motivation for all of this, anyway?" Sonic asked. "I'm just out for fun. The thrill of the fight." Juri explained. "Oh you'll get a thrill alright. I can easily beat ya now." Sonic grinned. "Don't make a girl a promise, you know you can't keep." Juri grinned. Sonic paced Left and Right. "Come on then. I'll give you a rival to die for." Sonic chuckled. "I enjoy watching you squirm... Maybe after i'll take you for another hobby of mine... Bed." Juri grinned. She jumped down. "You really crazy." Sonic mocked. They got into their fighting stances.

Juri rushes at Sonic; he jumped out of the way and homing attacked her, she collides into the ground, before getting back up. She swipes him off his Feet and then kicks him away. Sonic recovered and spindashes her. She gets back up. She sends three fireballs at him before using her Pinwheel move. Sonic blocks a kick that follows and punches her rapidly before jump-kicking off of her. Juri stumbles back. Sonic attempts to homing attack her but is whacked away by a Ki charged kick. As he gets up he is kicked rapidly but then spindashes Juri into the air; jumps up and kicks her to the ground. She spins around and swipe-kicks Sonic before using a fireball to send him backwards. Sonic gets up and narrowly avoids Juri's pinwheel move, countering with a homing attack. Juri recovers and uses a homing kick on Sonic. Sonic blocks a follow up kick and uses Sonic Wind to batter Juri. Juri collides into the ground. Sonic goes to homing attack her up she uses a fireball on him. Sonic is repeatedly punched and kicked before kicking her backwards. Juri's Left Eye begins to glow and she licks her Lips. Sonic manages to avoid or block most of the attacks but is caught off guard by a stomp-kick from above. Juri unleashes a vortex of fireballs upon Sonic; propelling them both into the air, Juri shoots back down to the ground, and catches Sonic with a kick to the back. "That felt good, didn't it?" Juri purred. She licked his Face as it was near hers, then slammed him into the ground.

Sonic crawled from out of the Rubble. He stumbled forward; but then fell to his knees, right before Juri. He was battered and bruised. "You... What... What kind of power is that?" Sonic coughed. Juri grinned. "It's a Feng Shui Engine. Gives me unlimited Ki energy." Juri replied. She brushed dirt off of Sonic. "You put up a better fight than anyone i've known in a long time. You've earned my Respect." Juri grinned. "Well... I gained something." Sonic spoke. "How'd you like to pop round later? I have a surprise in store." Juri replied. "Will i get beaten up again?" Sonic inquired. "Not unless you want me to do that... You were right about one thing. You gave me a thrill." Juri grinned. "That a... That's good i guess." Sonic replied. He got up. "See ya around... Big Blue." Juri chuckled. Sonic cautiously nodded as he left. "What she mean by Big Blue? She crazy..." Muttered Sonic.

More of them[]

Westopolis Park.

Sonic was sat on a Bench; thinking to himself. It was still early in the morning so not many were around. Knuckles was walking through the Park, when he noticed Sonic sitting on the Bench. He walked over to him. "Hey up, Sonic." Knuckles spoke. Sonic looked up and smiled. "Hi'yah, Knuckles." Sonic greeted. Knuckles sat down on the Bench. "How you been buddy?" Knuckles inquired. "I been good. How about you? How's things been on Angel Island?" Sonic responded. "I been good too. Things have been good as ever on Angel Island as well." Knuckles replied. "Good to hear. Shame ya couldn't join in on the night out." Sonic smiled. "Duty calls, hey?" Knuckles replied. "Yeah, guess it does. How about we have a friendly sparring match?" Sonic chuckled. "Excellent. I was hoping you'd ask." Knuckles grinned. Sonic grinned back. They got up and walked off.

A short while after they arrived at the Lake. They heard the sounds of a Man shout the word Hadouken; a word they had never heard before, then a Blue ball of Ki hit the Tree to their Left. They looked at each other and then to their right. They could see two Human men fighting. One had Black spiky hair with Blue Eyes; and was wearing a Red headband, a White gi, and a Black belt. The other had long Blonde hair with Blue Eyes; and was wearing a Red Gi, with a Black belt. They looked like they were having fun. "Who are those guys?" Knuckles pondered. "Who knows..." Replied Sonic. His mind drifted to Juri; these men were fighters too, he wondered if they knew each other... There was a strange influx of fighters recently. The men continued to fight with impeccable skill. Eventually they stopped after noticing the two Mobians. They looked at each other confused but then back to them.

"Hey there. The name's Sonic. That was some pretty impressive stuff there." Sonic spoke. "Thanks. The name's Ken. You two fighters as well?" The one in Red spoke. "Funny you mention that. We actually came here for a friendly sparring match." Knuckles grinned. "You do look the type. This is a good place to train after all. The name's Ryu." The one in White spoke. "I'm Knuckles." Replied Knuckles. "How about we train together? Always good to expand horizons." Sonic interjected. "Sounds like fun." Ken replied. "Yes. You both look very capable." Ryu spoke. "Sound's good to me." Knuckles grinned.

Friend or Fiend[]

Later. Abandoned Warehouse.

Sonic landed on the other side of the wall that surrounded the warehouse district. He walked through the courtyard; keeping himself prepared, his Eyes darting back and forth. He continued along. "Yo Juri, you about?" Sonic called out. There was no reply. "She has to be around... Not like she was going anywhere..." Sonic spoke. He looked around. "This is kinda unnerving." He continued. He walked into the Warehouse. It was empty. "Huh... Where is she?" Sonic pondered. He turned around and saw Juri before him, grinning. She was hanging from scaffolding, by her Legs, so she was upside down.

"Hello handsome." Juri chuckled. Sonic rolled his Eyes. "Hello." Sonic responded. "Been anywhere nice?" Juri questioned. "I just went to Westopolis Park; met up with my friend, Knuckles, we met up with two others guys when we went for a friendly competition... Ryu and Ken was their Names. We all had a sparring match." Sonic informed. "You met Ryu and Ken?" Juri asked. She gave a surprised look that turned into a grin. "So you do know them." Sonic grinned. "I've had a few encounters." Juri chuckled. "So what is this surprise you mentioned earlier anyway?" Sonic questioned. Juri dropped down from the scaffolding and stood up. "Hmm... I like it when you don't beat around the bush..." Juri grinned. "I hear that there's going to be a Tournament in a few days... But it's in teams. Would you care to be my partner?" Juri continued. She ran her Finger along Sonic's chest. "Well... Uh... I... I thought you work alone? You seem the type." Sonic replied. "Well i can't miss out on such a fun event, and i... enjoy... your company. Come on... Help a girl out." Juri responded. Sonic felt a bit uncomfortable. "Well... Uh... What harm is there in working together?" Sonic chuckled. Juri licked her Lips. "Excellent... Come with me, big Blue." Juri purred. "Uh... Ok." Sonic replied.

Unlikely allies[]

In the Office.

Juri passed Sonic some Clothes. "Go ahead. Take a look at them." Juri spoke. Sonic separated them and placed them on the Bed. A Purple Gi with Black hems; Purple pants with Black stripes down the sides, Purple Boxing Gloves that were fingerless, two Black Belts with a clip, and a Purple headband. "Wow... That's some cool gear... But does it come in Blue?" Sonic spoke. Juri grinned. "Sorry... Only in Purple." Juri smiled. "Meh, it's ok." Sonic replied. "Go on then, try them on." Juri grinned. Sonic began to put the Clothes on. Pants first; followed by the Gi, then the Black Belts, then the Gloves, and finally the Headband.

Sonic tightened the Headband and turned to face Juri. "Well... What'cha think?" Sonic grinned. He posed by pointing to his right, while angling his right foot upwards, and grinning. Juri put her Hands together. "You look real... tasty." Juri smirked. She licked her Lips. "Uh... Thanks." Sonic replied. Juri ran her Finger down his Chest. "Those really suit you... I knew we would get somewhere." Juri chuckled. "Well... You... Uh... Got a good fashion sense." Sonic replied, trying to focus. "I have something i think we should talk about." Juri informed. "Really...?" Sonic questioned, rather concerned. Juri pushed him onto the Chair and leaned over him. Her Left Eye glowed and she stroked his Chin. Juri purred. Sonic lost focus. "Go on..." He spoke, staring into her Eyes. "You still interested in that Tournament?" Juri spoke. "Definitely." Sonic smiled. Juri grinned. "Good... Because we got a good few days all to ourselves to train... Or other things." Juri chuckled. Sonic let out a tranced sigh with a smile.

"So want anything while you're here?" Questioned Juri. "Whatever you got..." The tranced Sonic replied. Juri chuckled. He was playing right into her fingers. "I have many things... But how about i teach you some Ki stuff before anything else... My student." Juri licked her Lips. She walked backwards and motioned her fingers for Sonic to follow. Sonic got up and followed, still in a trance like state, he had a smile and his Eyes were focused on Juri.


Juri and Sonic were traveling atop the Rooftops. Sonic wasn't in a trance like state anymore, but he did still listen very carefully. "So where are we going?" Sonic asked. "To a more secluded place... Gonna need it with Ki training." Juri answered. They jumped over a gap and continued to run.

Later. Skyscraper under construction.

Juri landed on a metal platform. Sonic landed next to her. "Good... Everybody is off today." Juri spoke. She looked around. "This place is secluded...?" Sonic spoke, with a quizzical look. "Of course." Juri replied as she looked out into the City. She stretched her Arms and Back. Sonic looked away, feeling kind of awkward. It seemed as if everything Juri did was an attempt to catch him off guard, to seduce him. Juri looked over her Shoulder and smiled. Sonic was focusing on a bunch of Birds flying past. "Not like those Birds will teach you how to use Ki." Juri chuckled. Sonic looked at her. "Uh... Yeah... I guess." Sonic stuttered. "Don't worry... This session is pain free." Juri replied. Juri walked over to him. "Come on. Let's make a start." She grinned. "Sure." Sonic spoke. They walked in to the center of the platform. "Oh and Sonic... If i was 'trying' to seduce you, do you really think we'd be out? Or in the office? I'm just being my normal self, seems i don't even need to try." Juri spoke. She chuckled to herself. Sonic was about to speak but Juri cut him off. "No i cannot read minds, i'm just good at picking up on these things." She said.

"Now focus your inner thoughts." Juri instructed. Sonic nodded. He closed his Eyes and cleared his mind of distractions. "Now... Try to perform a Hadouken." Juri spoke. Sonic opened his Eyes. Juri showed him the correct stance and Han gesture. Sonic focused and got ready. He prepared himself. "Hadouken!" Sonic exclaimed. He used the Hand gesture, and from it a Ball of Blue Ki energy formed. It traveled a short distance from him before dissolving. "Um..." Sonic wondered. Juri looked at him and then the Barrels he was aiming for. She sighed. "At least you could start it..." Juri spoke.

Unwanted guests[]

An hour later.

Sonic was still trying to perform a good Hadouken. Juri was sat on a Crate to the side, looking at her Nails. "Damn... Why won't this work?" Sonic growled. Juri sighed. "I guess it is only your first time after all." Juri spoke. "I know but still..." Sonic replied. In a split second Chun Li jumped down from a higher vantage point and kicked Juri in the face. Juri recovered and landed on a lower platform. She stood up. Chun Li was no where in sight.

"I've finally found you, murderer." Chun Li spoke from the shadows. "Come on out and play then." Juri chuckled. She looked behind her and deflected a kick from Chun Li; jumped up and swung from some scaffolding, kicking Chun Li in the face, Chun Li jumped back, and Juri swung from the scaffolding. Chun Li deflected a kick. Juri dodged one of her kicks and sent a blast of Ki towards her. Chun Li spun around and caught the Ki with her Hands, sending it back at Juri, who was pushed into some railing. Juri ducked from one of Chun Li's kicks and swung over the railing, kicking Chun Li in the face. She landed on a lower platform and ran along it. Chun Li jumped down after her. Juri spun around and pounced into the Air, kicking Chun Li, who barely blocked it. Chun Li regained her balance.

A Helicopter flew past, the wind from the turbine blowing the two's Hair, Chun Li looked at it. Cammy was in the Helicopter, leaning out from the door. Juri kicked Chun Li in the face and sent her flying backwards. Cammy jumped out of the Helicopter and ran along a Platform before jumping onto the other. Juri growled and got into a fighting stance. Cammy propelled herself forwards, spinning in mid air, but Juri jumped over the attack. Cammy recovered and skidded along the Platform before coming to a halt. She stood up. Chun Li and Cammy stood side by side. Juri's Left Eye glowed. She unleashed a flurry of kicks that sent out Ki blasts towards the duo. The duo jumped out of their way. Juri grinned as they ran towards her.

Sonic landed in front of Juri and before the other two. Chun Li and Cammy came to a halt. Sonic looked ticked off. His Headband flowing in the wind. He clenched his fists. "Who, or whatever the hell you are, get out of our way." Cammy spoke. Sonic didn't move. "Another failed experiment of S.I.N i expect." Chun Li spoke. "I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog." Sonic spoke, folding his arms and standing defiantly. "Now back off from the Lady." Sonic ordered. "Lady? Ha!" Cammy replied. "She's ours. Get out of our way." Chun Li followed up. "Or what?" Sonic growled, narrowing his eyes. "Looks fair... 2 on 2." Juri chuckled. Sonic looked at her and nodded. The two prepared to fight Chun Li and Cammy.


Sonic & Juri rushed forward; each unleashing a volley of attacks upon their foes, Chun Li & Cammy countered with their own blows against the duo. Sonic jumped over Chun Li and kicked her in the back. Juri kicked Cammy in the Face, sending her into Chun Li. Sonic used a spindash on Cammy and followed up with a homing attack on Chun Li. The two fell to the floor. Sonic & Juri stood side by side. "Is that all you have!?" Growled Sonic. The two got back up. "You haven't even scratched the surface..." Cammy replied. Sonic let out a hmph. "Come on. He's getting bored, and so am i." Juri taunted. "Silence!" Cammy exclaimed. Juri grabbed Cammy's fist as she tried to attack her. "Gah!" Cammy grunted. Juri twisted her arm behind her back before kicking her away. Chun Li charged towards Juri but Sonic round housed her. "Hmph. I don't enjoy hitting you, but you've asked for it." Sonic warned. Cammy kicked him to a lower platform and jumped down after him. Juri looked at Chun Li, who was getting up. "Just me and you." Juri chuckled.

Sonic crashed into a bunch of Crates. Cammy landed on the platform. She walked over to him and grabbed him by the Neck. "Criminal scum." Cammy spoke. "Hey! I've never committed a Crime in my life. I'm a Hero round here." Sonic responded. He kicked himself free and landed a distance away from Cammy. "Yeah right. Explain why you're with her then." Cammy rebuffed. "She's my friend, that's why." Sonic explained. "Hmph... And you call yourself a Hero." Cammy spoke. They prepared to fight.

Cammy jumped up and attempted to kick Sonic, but he jumped out of the way and kicked her in the back. Cammy recovered and kicked him in the Face, followed up with two punches, before kicking him into the air. Sonic recovered and homing attacked Cammy. Cammy fell backwards. Sonic landed and brushed dirt off his Gi. Cammy got back up. She ran towards him and unleashed a volley of kicks; on the 6th Sonic countered with his own, followed up with a barrage of punches, and revved up a spindash, Cammy jumped over it and kicked him in the back of the Head. Sonic crashed into the ground. Cammy cracked her fingers. Sonic stumbled up. He got into a stance. Cammy prepared herself. "Hadouken!" Sonic exclaimed. Cammy was caught off guard by this. The Hadouken rocketed towards Cammy and hit her in the Stomach, sending her into a metal pillar.

"I... I... I did it! Juri! I did it! I performed a Hadouken!" Sonic exclaimed. Juri was fighting Chun Li. "That's great Sonic!" Juri replied. Sonic was caught off guard by Cammy; who unleashed a volley of punches and kicks, sending Sonic into the air, Cammy jumped up and kicked him into the ground. "Urrgh... I should'a seen that coming." Sonic groaned. He jumped up and homing attacked Cammy away. Cammy fell backwards, off of the edge. Sonic rushed forward and grabbed her Arm. Cammy looked up. "Why did you save me?" Cammy questioned. "Like i said. I'm a Hero." Sonic explained. He pulled her up. "Then why are you with Juri?" Cammy asked. "Because she's my friend." Sonic answered. Cammy was confused. "You'll understand one day... Me and Juri have signed up for a Tournament in a few days. We came here to train." Sonic continued. "Hmm... Goodbye for now then. Sonic the Hedgehog." Cammy replied. She jumped up to Chun Li, who was getting back up. "I say we make a tactical retreat." Cammy spoke. "Urgh... Ok then." Chun Li sighed. They jumped away. Sonic jumped up next to Juri. They smiled at each other.

Home sweet home[]

2 Hours later. An Apartment building in downtown Westopolis.

Sonic unlocked the Door to his apartment. He and Juri walked in. The main area was relatively large. It had a Blue Carpet with white walls. There was a Black Leather Couch in the center, with a 45 inch large screen TV in front of it. There was a wooden table in between the Couch and TV. The Kitchen was behind the Couch and the Door to the Bedroom was to the right of the Kitchen. "And this is my place." Sonic spoke. "Not bad." Juri smiled. "Meh, it's ok. Then again i'm hardly ever here. Always out seeking a thrill." Sonic replied. "Hmm... I guess you don't get many thrills inside here then." Juri chuckled. "Hehe... Uh... Yeah." Sonic responded, knowing what she was up to. "Wanna see if you can find a thrill?" Juri grinned. Sonic felt awkward and tried to look away. "Come on... We know each other by now." Juri spoke. She placed her Hand on his Cheek and he looked at her. Her Left Eye glowed. "Believe it or not... I don't rush into this kind of stuff." Sonic explained. Juri grinned. Sonic and Juri closed their Eyes. Juri was about to kiss him when there was a knock at the door. "I... Gotta take that." Sonic spoke. Juri sighed.

Sonic walked over to the Door. He opened it. Knuckles was there. "Hey Knuckles." Sonic greeted. "Ah, so you do know about the Tournament. You were out training." Knuckles spoke. Sonic looked at his outfit. "Yeah... I guess this gives it away." Sonic chuckled. "But if you weren't with me... Then who did you train with?" Knuckles questioned. Sonic wasn't sure how to respond. Juri walked up to the door and stood behind Sonic. "Hi there. I'm Juri. Juri Han." Juri spoke. "Why hello. I'm Knuckles. Knuckles the Echidna. Nice work Sonic, you're faster than you let on." Knuckles replied, nudging Sonic while grinning. "It's not what you think Knuckles." Sonic sighed. "He's trying to resist." Juri chuckled. "Urrgh..." Sonic sighed and rolled his Eyes. "Hehe. I'll leave you two be then. See you tomorrow Sonic... Unless you sleep in." Knuckles sniggered. "Bye Knuckles." Sonic replied. Knuckles walked off and Sonic closed the Door.

"Where were we?" Juri chuckled. Sonic turned around. Juri placed her hand on the Wall next to him and leaned. She grinned. "I guess you're trying now." Sonic sighed. "I'm not trying, i am." Juri replied. She placed her Lips on his and gave him a Kiss, she wrapped her arms around him so he couldn't get away. "Oh come on Juri... I only wanted to train with you." Sonic sighed. "You should of read the small print." Juri mocked. She kissed him again. "Urgh... Fine but only once." Sonic sighed. "Ha! After what i'm going to do to you, you'll never say only once again. We have all night after all." Juri rebuffed. "Hmph. That's a lot of cockiness." Sonic replied. Juri started to walk backwards, pulling Sonic with her. She gently kicked the Bedroom door open and threw Sonic onto the Bed. "Lights out, baby." Juri grinned. She turned the light off and closed the Door.

The next day[]

Sonic shuffled about in Bed, turning onto his side. After a moment he slowly awoke. His Eyes slowly opened, then closed again, then opened again. He noticed he still had his Headband on, but his and Juri's clothes were scattered around his Bed. He turned around; Juri was fast asleep, she had her Arm around him, Sonic smiled. He looked at the ceiling and thought to himself for a while. He noticed Juri started to stir. Juri opened her Eyes and yawned. "Morning sweetums." Juri grinned. "Morning." Sonic replied. Juri brushed her Hair to the side and snuggled up next to Sonic, resting her Head on his Chest. "Still wearing the Headband i see... I love a committed Man." Juri spoke. "Hehe. Did i pass the test?" Sonic joked, putting his Arm around her. "You're an excellent student." Juri chuckled. "I expected no less." Sonic chuckled, with a cocky tone. "I've not had this much fun in ages." Juri informed. "That Tournament will be a piece of cake." Sonic grinned. "I think we'll see a few familiar faces as well." Juri replied. Juri kissed him on the Cheek. "We're going to have a great Week together." Juri spoke. "Sure are." Sonic grinned. He had gained a new found confidence over the past few days. "Taking charge hey?" Juri licked her Lips. "Of course." Sonic replied. Juri gave him a kiss on the Lips again, and Sonic kissed her back. "Come on. Let's go train." Sonic grinned. "We can afford to miss an hour..." Juri chuckled, kissing him again. Sonic stretched. "Very well then..." Sonic replied. He tightened his Headband and laid back, resting his Head on his Hands. "I'm ready for ya." Sonic chuckled.

Familiar faces[]

Later that day. Westopolis Park.

Sonic, in his Fighter Outfit, and Juri were walking along. They reached the Lake area where Sonic & Knuckles met Ryu and Ken before. There was a stage set up. Sonic and Juri looked at each other with confusion, the Tournament wasn't until tomorrow. At the stage where; Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Cammy, Shadow, Silver, Knuckles, and Tails. Sonic and Juri approached the group. Knuckles turned to great the two.

"Hey up Sonic!" Knuckles smiled. The others, apart from Chun Li and Cammy, turned around. "Hi guys." Sonic greeted. "Good to see you again Sonic. Nice Clothes." Ken spoke. "Thanks, Ken. My partner got me them." Sonic replied. "Ah. I see the Infamous Juri is by your side." Ryu noted. "Sure is." Chuckled Sonic. "I think we're all going to have a lot of fun here." Juri interjected. "Nice to meet you Miss Han." Tails spoke. "Please, call me Juri. Sonic has told me all about you." Replied Juri. Tails nodded and smiled. "So... Has the Tournament really been moved forward?" Sonic inquired. "Seems like it." Shadow answered. "Dad, everyone, the host is here." Silver spoke, tapping on Shadow's Shoulder. Everybody turned to look at the Stage.

A Human figure rose up onto the stage from a door on the floor. He was wearing a Brown Cape and Hood, that masked his identity. The figure dropped the Cape and Hood to the floor... It was Dr Eggman! He looked at the Fighters with a wide grin upon his face. "Ladies and Gentlemen! I am your host Dr Eggman and i welcome you to this marvelous Tournament!" He spoke. "Eggman!? What evil scheme are you up to now?" Sonic interrupted. Eggman laughed. "Why Sonic... Can't a man host a friendly little game now and then?" Eggman grinned. Sonic gave him a suspicious look. "Representing the Eggman Empire... And Shadaloo... In this Tournament, Metal Sonic and M.Bison!" Eggman announced. The two teleported onto the stage. "Bison!" Juri, Cammy, Chun Li, and Ryu exclaimed. Metal Sonic flexed his Claws and Bison grinned. "Let us begin!" Eggman announced.

Round One[]

5 Minutes later.

Everybody was lined up, in pairs, along a fighting stage. The Pairs were; Sonic & Juri, Ryu & Ken, Knuckles & Tails, Cammy & Chun Li, Shadow & Silver, and Metal Sonic & M.Bison. Eggman sat down on a Throne, on a Stage, over viewing the fighting stage. "Kombatants! Err... I mean Fighters! This is the 1st match of the Day! Up now will be... Sonic and Juri!" Eggman spoke. Sonic and Juri walked onto the left side of the stage. "Facing them shall be... Cammy and Chun Li!" Eggman announced. Cammy and Chun Li walked onto the right side of the stage. "Remember. No holds barred..." Eggman grinned. Sonic & Juri grinned. "There's no way we can lose. We're just too cool." Sonic chuckled. "Your cockiness will be your undoing." Chun Li spoke. "Fight!" Eggman commanded.

Chun Li & Cammy rushed forwards; in perfect synch Juri & Sonic used a kick to send out a blast of Ki, Juri's was Purple and Sonic's was Blue. They collided with the other two, who were sent backwards. They recovered. Cammy propelled herself forward, spinning around, towards Sonic. Sonic jumped over the attack and kick Cammy in the back. Juri jumped behind Sonic and deflected a blow from Chun Li before kicking her back. "Switch time." Juri spoke. Sonic & Juri jumped past each other. Juri was facing Cammy and Sonic was facing Chun Li. Sonic performed a Hadouken but Chun Li jumped over it and kicked him in the face. Sonic struck back with a swipe kick, that knocked Chun Li off her Feet, and then a homing attack that sent her flying back. Juri was busy deflecting Cammy's punches. Juri countered with a back flip kick that propelled Cammy backwards. Juri jumped up and used a homing kick on Cammy; hurling them both into the air, she followed up with one knee to the stomach, and a kick to the face. Cammy crashed into the ground but stumbled back up.

"Oh! That looked like an impressive 2nd strike, followed by a 3rd impact." Eggman announced. Metal Sonic face palmed and M.Bison shuck his head. "What?" Eggman asked.

Sonic was dodging Chun Li's kicks but was caught off guard by a Hadouken. Chun Li unleashed a volley of uncountable kicks at great speed, hurling the Hedgehog backwards. Sonic groaned as he stumbled up. Chun Li performed a homing kick but Sonic dodged it at the last second and retaliated with two homing attacks and a roundhouse kick, ending with three punches and a back flip kick. Chun Li crashed to the ground. As she got up Sonic spindashed her, causing her to crash down again. Cammy went flying past; she recovered and landed, but Juri kicked her in the face, following up with her pinwheel attack. Cammy collided with the ground. After a few seconds Chun Li and Cammy stumbled back up. Juri and Sonic stood side by side. Cammy and Chun Li try to regain their balance but were too weak.

"Hmm... Let's end this." Sonic spoke. "Like a Fatality...?" Juri grinned. Sonic shuck his head and sighed. "Hell no. Some kind of Ultra Combo. I ain't no killer, so restrain yourself." Sonic replied. Juri sighed. "Fine, fine... But only because it's you." Juri spoke. Sonic and Juri got ready. "We have terrible luck..." Cammy frowned. Chun Li sighed. Sonic focused his Ki energy and a Blue aura engulfed him, his Eyes also began to glow Blue. Juri's Left Eye glowed and Purple Ki developed around her. At near light speed; Sonic & Juri unleashed a barrage of Ki covered punches and kicks, battering Cammy & Chun Li, they finished with powerful kicks to their foes' chests that sent Ki through them, streams flowing out from their backs. Cammy and Chun Li fell down to the floor, knocked out. "K.O! Truly magnificent... Both of you, really... We will reconvene later for more matches. Feel free to hop on down to the feast in the meantime." Eggman spoke.


A short while later.

Sonic was juggling a Hadouken in his hands, before bouncing it off his foot and then juggling again. Juri walked up and smiled. "You've become quite the master of the Ki arts." She complimented. "Well i had a good teacher." Sonic replied. Juri put her arms around him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Sonic moved his head around and they locked lips. "Hmm... Shame these breaks aren't hours long." Juri chuckled. "Come on Juri, don't try to break my focus..." Sonic replied. "So you admit i have you firmly in my grasp?" Juri grinned. Sonic rolled his eyes. "You really like to exaggerate..." Sonic sighed. "We have some spare time on our hands, let's talk... Where do you see us going after this?" Juri licked her lips. Sonic hated awkward questions like this. "Oh so it's like that is it?" Sonic grinned. "You knew i would ask you this... We could go somewhere nice, find adventure, just you and me... You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Juri smiled. "And i thought you'd make this all easy." Sonic mocked. "Come on... You've always been missing something... What is it? I know there is a pain in your heart..." Juri replied, placing her hand on his chest and feeling the heartbeat. Sonic looked away. Juri looked genuinely concerned. "What would we be without our secrets?" Sonic asked. "They don't make us Sonic, we make them, we own them, we control who we are, not them." Juri replied. "Choose your destiny, hey?" Sonic responded. Juri nodded.


"Nelo! Dinner is ready!" Bernadette Hedgehog shouted up some stairs. A young blue Hedgehog, with black Eyes and a chubby belly, was laid on a bed reading an old book, it was called 'the legends of Sir Sonic Hedgehog'. He closed the book and ran down the stairs at near light speed. He sat down at the dinner table. Jules Hedgehog was sat at the table, reading the news paper. He put it to the side. "Hello son, still reading the book i see?" Jules chuckled. "Yes papa, Sir Sonic was a great hero, i enjoy reading of his heroics." Nelo smiled. "I know you'll grow up to be a heroic Hedgehog too." Jules smiled. Bernadette sat down at the table. "We have roast today, so eat up." Bernadette smiled. "Roast lovely. Thanks mama." Nelo spoke. They tucked into the meal until just 5 minutes later there was the sounds of anarchy outside. They rushed to the door to see what was going on. Mobians everywhere were running for their lives. Badniks were setting the Village ablaze. Eggman was flying above, in his Egg Mobile, laughing like a madman. Julian Robotnik's ghost flickered over him for a moment and noticed Nelo. Eggman flew straight down to him. "I knew you would be in this Universe, you rodent!" Julian/Eggman growled. "Stay back you mad man!" Jules ordered, jumping in front of Nelo. Bernadette stood beside Jules. "I have unfinished business with that rodent... Nobody will stand in my way!" Julian/Eggman snarled. He shot Jules and Bernadette with a beam from his Egg Pod. "Mom! Dad!" Nelo cried. He fell to his knees and cried. "Oh ho ho ho ho ho! I've waited years for this!" Julian/Eggman laughed. Nelo was still crying over Jules and Bernadette's bodies. "Any last words, you blue menace?" Julian/Eggman grinned. Nelo stopped crying and stood up. He looked up, his Eyes filled with a burning fire, an everlasting hatred. "I... I'm... I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog." Nelo spoke. He pounced at the Julian possessed Eggman. From that day forward he was no longer Nelo Angelo Hedgehog...

Present day

Juri held a crying Sonic in her arms, stroking his head. "It's okay... I'm here for you... I know what you went through... I suffered the same cruel fate... There, there. Let it out." Juri spoke, letting out a tear herself. She kissed his head and continued to stroke him. "Why... Why did they... Have to die?" Sonic stuttered, crying continuously. "I can't tell you that... But i can tell you they'd be proud. You make them proud, never forget that." Juri responded.

Round Two[]